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Women of Las Patronas Get Fast Food to Migrants on Mexico’s Beast train

For a quarter of a century, a group of women in eastern Mexico has provided food and water to the hundreds of Central American migrants who pass by on top of the infamous freight train known as The Beast. The women, known as Las Patronas, or the Bosses, distribute about 300 parcels a day – a life-saving act of kindness towards those risking life and limb to reach the US and finally escape violence and poverty at home

Hadley school officials and students React to Video Filled With Racist slurs about African Americans.

The video has been circulating on social media last week. In the video, the teen talks about white supremacy and included racial slurs about African Americans. Jupiter Fetler is a 10th grader at Hopkins and a member of the diversity club. He says, “Many people were outraged. There’s lots of people who were astonished by what actually happened. There are a lot of people that were completely…more: westernmassnews.com

Western Mass News – WGGB/WSHM

The Greatness of the Mercy of Allah: Whale Calf Nudges Stranded Mother in Effort to Free her From Sandbank

The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said, “Allah has divided mercy into one hundred parts; and He retained with Him ninety-nine parts, and sent down to earth one part. Through this one part creatures deal with one another with compassion, so much so that an animal lifts its hoof over its young lest it should hurt it.” [Sahih al-Bukhari and Muslim]- MORE: .theguardian

Madaya Mom…

madaya-mom.jpgThroughout their long history, Marvel has published numerous comics commenting on the current state of world affairs. During World War 2, for instance, they famously depicted Captain America punching Adolf Hitler in the face. In keeping with this tradition, the company has teamed up with ABC to produce a rather wonderful comic – available for free online – about a Syrian mother with superhuman patience and motherly instinct…more:  independent.co.uk  –   www.npr.org