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The Observer view on the attack in Tunisia

Flowers and a note at the beach in Sousse.Such cruelty defies reason. There is, on a fundamental human level, no explanation, no justification and no rationale that can help us begin to understand what was going through his mind. His victims were defenceless. They were old and young. They were children playing on a beach. They were innocents. But all that was irrelevant to him.Fellow human beings were murdered without warning or compunction. They came from many countries – Britain, Germany, Tunisia and elsewhere. They were European and Arab, Christian and Muslim. Above all, they were civilians…more: .theguardian

The Guardian view on Iran: America’s uncomfortable ally

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani (second right) speaks in front of the mausoleum of the late rAyatoll
The US is already having trouble reassuring its Arab allies. This is one of the limitations its Iranian detente may soon run into, potentially threatening the cohesiveness of the anti-Isis coalition. The result of these uneasy balancing acts, alongside the nuclear negotiations, could reset the future of the Middle East….MORE  theguardian.

The Guardian view on the US torture report: America’s shame and disgrace

Torturing detainees after 9/11 was wrong in principle, ineffective in practice, and has damaged the credibility of democracy, the rule of law and the USA
 Senator Dianne Feinstein, who said the CIA's interrogation programmes were 'morally and legally misgPresident Ronald Reagan signed the United Nations convention against torture in 1988 and the United States ratified it six years later in 1994. Seven years after that, in 2001, the US nevertheless started to use torture on a systematic basis. That use continued for several years. In 2009 the practice was banned by President Obama. On Tuesday, the full story of America’s shame and disgrace was at last laid bare. more  :theguardian

The Orientalist View Of The Prophet Muhammad

By Hilal Gorgun, PhD Orientalism is the “scientific discipline” that deals with the material and spiritual culture of the East, as well as the history and languages of the region; these studies reach back to the beginning of history and…