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Vernon Hills students join their Muslim peers in wearing hijabs

Vernon Hills High School senior Yasmeen Abdallah, who is a Muslim, carefully wrapped the traditional Hijab program in Vernon Hillshijab around the head of junior Charli Mosley while she explained its purpose.

“You can’t really understand or judge a person and their beliefs until you understand why they do it and what it’s like for them to do what they’re doing,” explained Abdallah, who is the president of the school’s Muslim Student Association….more:  dailyherald

Belgium school sends 30 Muslim girls home for wearing long skirts …

A school in Belgium had sent 30 Muslim school girls home last week for wearing long skirts, baggy pants, dark dresses and skirts over pants after such dresses were banned by the principal. The principal is quoted by media to have said “the wearing of baggy pants, long skirts or dark dresses, and skirts or dresses over pants is not tolerated.”…more:  dunyanews

French Professor Refuses To Teach/Student Wearing Hijab and took off his clothes !

“The professor approached the veiled student probably to ask her to remove her veil, but her classmates prevented him from doing so,” said Paul, one of the students in the class, to Le Figaro. more at: http://www.loonwatch.com