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West can never pull out of the Middle East

The vote was decisive and critical: parliament would not support military action in Syria. Forget the chemical weapons attacks, the barrel bombs, regime death squads and the threat of jihad, Britain had had enough of foreign entanglements. No more could we tolerate the stigma of RAF bombers hitting civilian targets, or British troops dying from roadside mines and snipers’ potshots. The Syria vote of August 2013 humiliated David Cameron and his foreign secretary, William Hague, but seemed popular around the country. There are few street protests in favour of war….MORE : THETIMES

Is right-wing terrorism on the rise in the West?

The counterterrorism insight from  Brenton Tarrant’s horrific actions in New Zealand is not that he is an aberration in right-wing extremism; it’s that he is not. Yes, he used a camera to livestream the atrocity over social media, and it ,…MORE: www.economist.com

New Zealand shooting is warning for US: Get serious about white supremacist terror threat.The counterterrorism insight from Brenton Tarrant’s horrific actions in New Zealand is not that he is an aberration in right-wing extremism; it’s that he is not. Yes, he used a camera to livestream the atrocity over social media, and it went viral before it was removed. ..more: USTODAY

Imran Khan: Why the West craves materialism & why the East sticks to religion

Image result for imran khan“Muslim missionaries or armies ever went to Malaysia or Indonesia. The people converted to Islam due to the high principles and impeccable character of the Muslim traders. At the moment, the worst advertisements for Islam are the countries with their selective Islam, especially where religion is used to deprive people of their rights. In fact, a society that obeys fundamentals of Islam has to be a liberal one.” more:  arabnews

Saviour and sultan, ally and foe – west in a bind over Erdoğan

The US and Europe need Turkey for a host of strategic, political, practical and geographical reasons. But Turkey under Erdogan is proving a less than constant friend. Not so much an ally, it is increasingly seen as a threat. In an extraordinary open letter published last week, members of Congress lambasted Erdoğan’s record. “Contrary to its Nato obligations, Turkey is actively operating to undermine US interests around the world. …more:  theguardian

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: I heard the Prophet (ﷺ) saying, “A person utters a word thoughtlessly (i.e., without thinking about its being good or not) and, as a result of this, he will fall down into the fire of Hell deeper than the distance between the east and the west.” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

Contemporary Issues Facing Islamic Centers in the West

Affirming the Status of a Mosque, Financing the Building of a Mosque or Changing its Function Affirming the Status of a Mosque and the Difference between a Mosque and a Musalla The status of a mosque is attained by a perpetual endowment by an owner of a building or a separate

imagesportion thereof to be designated as a mosque. It being of a perpetual nature is a must for a structure to be considered a mosque. It does not include any portion that is not set aside specifically for prayer, even if it is physically connected to the mosque. If the endowment is a common area that cannot be divided, then such an endowment is not proper for a mosque….more: amjaonline.

Muslim Prof: West Leads the World in ‘Islamic Values’

Are non-Muslim countries more Islamic than Muslim countries? That is what Hossein Askari, an Iranian-brtr1j5cworn professor of International Business and International Affairs at George Washington University, believes. Askari says Ireland “leads the world in Islamic values as Muslim states lag.” After studying 208 countries and territories he found that the top countries in both economic achievement and social values are Ireland, Demark, Luxembourg and New Zealand. Britain also ranks in the top ten.  The first Muslim-majority nation is Malaysia ranking at 33, while the only other state in the top 50 is Kuwait at 48….more  frontpagemag


Blair: Radical Islam Threat Growing, West Should Work with Putin to Fight Back

Watch : “Bloomberg:Tackling Radical Islam Needs Religious Focus: Blair”

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has called for Western nations to work with Vladimir Putin in the fight against radical Islam. In a keynote speech to Bloomberg, Mr Blair said that “whatever our differences”, we must work together to fight Islamism, which is the biggest threat to world peace…..MORE:  breitbart.