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Why white nationalist terrorism is a global threat

He seems to have been a classic “lone wolf”. As far as police can tell, the man who murdered 50 worshippers, and critically wounded nine more, at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand on March 15th was not part of any organisation. The 28-year-old Australian, Brenton Tarrant, claimed to have developed his violent beliefs on his own, surfing the internet and visiting Europe. He bought his weapons himself. He honed his skills at a suburban shooting-range. No one there suspected that he was preparing a massacre. Yet he was part of something much bigger….more: economist

Would You Dare to Question Who You Really Are?

Abu Nadrah reported: I heard the sermon of the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, during the middle of the day at the end of the pilgrimage. The Prophet said, “O people, your Lord is one and your father Adam is one. There is no virtue of an Arab over a foreigner nor a foreigner over an Arab, and neither white skin over black skin nor black skin over white skin, except by righteousness. Have I not delivered the message?” They said, “The Messenger of Allah has delivered the message.” (Musnad Ahmad -Sahih)

White, Muslim, American and Hijab-Strong

Danielle(2)Our hijab is an opportunity not only for each of us to abide by the perfect guidance of our Maker – but for every single person whose eyes fall on us – it’s a challenge to their misunderstandings.

In times like ours, rather than resorting to severing part of our identity from ourselves, we ought to ask the Almighty for His help and aspire to be stronger in faith. To anyone who doesn’t like our hijab: “Never will we regard you as more than the Clear Signs that have come to us, or than Him Who created us.” (20:72) “God is better and more Lasting.” (20:73)…more: patheos.com

How to Easily be a White Ally to Marginalized Communities

Image result for safety pinsHey, fellow white person. How much do we suck, huh? You know I used to defend the white racists who wrote the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution by saying “Well, they didn’t live the words they wrote, but they framed our country around morals that made us better than themselves.”…more: /medium.com

The New York Times™: Behind 2016’s Turmoil, a Crisis of White Identity

Image result for Behind 2016’s Turmoil, a Crisis of White Identity“It’s fundamentally about ‘who are we?’” said Eric Kaufmann, a professor of politics at Birkbeck College, University of London. “What does it mean to be part of this nation? Is it not ‘our’ nation anymore, ‘our’ meaning the ethnic majority?
“These kinds of questions are really front and center, even though they’re not necessarily verbalized.” more: nytimes