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The five: medical biases against women

a cpr practitioner examines the airways of a dummyFrom drug trials that only use men to misconceptions about CPR, medicine’s gender inequalities can be matters of life or death. Heart failure
A study last week revealed that women in Australia are less likely than men to receive the recommended medicine for heart failure. In the UK, assumptions that heart failure is a “man’s disease” have also led to unequal care. Over the past 10 years, more than 8,000 British women have died as a result of this gender inequality….more: the guardian

Episode 07: Muslim Women’s Experiences in Germany and the U.S.

Muslims have lived in Germany in significant numbers for decades; in 1961 the Federal Republic concluded an agreement with Turkey that would ultimately bring nearly a million Turkish workers to Germany by 1973.  The relationship of these migrants to broader German society changed—many put down roots, formed families, and have been in Germany for three or four generations.  Today, 4 million Muslims live in Germany….more  .aicgs.org

Non-Muslim women take on Ramadan hijab challenge

Non-Muslim women take on Ramadan hijab challengeLloyd, a British Christian, will be covering her head for the entire duration of the holy month this year in solidarity with Muslim women who face discrimination for wearing the hijab.

“I feel very strongly about this,” said Lloyd, the youngest participant of the 30-day Ramadan hijab challenge, a yearly initiative by the non-profit World Hijab Day (WHD) organisation, inviting women of all faiths to wear the headscarf for a month….more:  .aljazeera

UK Imam Message for International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is an incredibly important date, which should act as a reminder that we must live its values on every other day of the year. This year, more than ever, men have a responsibility to take part in the conversation, and have a responsibility to do what they can to further women’s rights. It is not women’s responsibility alone….MORE:independent