More Covid Mysteries

Pedestrians in central London this week.Consider these Covid-19 mysteries:

In India — where the Delta variant was first identified and caused a huge outbreak — cases have plunged over the past two months. A similar drop may now be underway in Britain. There is no clear explanation for these declines.

In the U.S., cases started falling rapidly in early January. The decline began before vaccination was widespread and did not follow any evident changes in Americans’…MORE:NYTIMES

Lebanon (Muslims and Christians) Mourning the Loss of the Grand Mufti Al-Mays

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The President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, expressed his pain for the passing away of the Grand Mufti of Zahle and Bekaa, Sheikh Khalil Al-Mays, announcing that he was awarded the National Cedar Order of the rank of Commander in appreciation of his spiritual, social, educational and humanitarian contributions…more: imlebanon

“The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Elie Ferzli, mourned the loss of the Grand Mufti of Zahle and the Bekaa, Sheikh Khalil Al-Mays, and stated in the obituary: “The State of  Bekaa, Lebanon and the Arab and Islamic world, are grieving the loss  of the giant, the creative and eminent scholar, the most virtuous Sheikh of the sheikhs, the unique and venerable scholar, the ascetic and devout worker, the noble scholar, the intelligent shining reverent, the Grand Mufti Shaykh Khalil Al Mays, brilliant orator and upright scholar , articulate, eloquent, silver-tongued, builder  of  prominent  palaces for science and knowledge. The  builder and mentor of  national unity  and moderation. Grief and sorrow are occupying  my soul and  my  eyes. Eye shedding tears and crying for the departed. His light like a glance penetrates our thoughts and conscience. May God bless him with his vast mercy and make him dwell in the vastness of heavens and make him in the highest” alkalimaonline