March 25, 2023

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  1. “Where books are burned in the end people will burn.” – Heinrich Heine

    On May 10th, 1933 the Nazis burned 25,000 books — including those written by Jewish poet Heinrich Heine, who had predicted in 1820 that “where books are burned in the end people will burn,” – and eight years later the Holocaust began.

    The connection is not too difficult to discern. Books are repositories of histories, of identities, of values. They are the soul of civilization. A society must abandon basic decencies in order to muster the immoral courage to burn books as a celebratory act. Once it starts burning the souls of civilization, human souls will not be left behind.

    On September 11, 2010, some misguided Americans plan to burn the copies of Holy Quran, this is their plan but Allah has His plans and He subhanahutala is best of the planners.

    The only book in the entire heritage of humanity that claims to be solely the word of God. This dastardly act is the brainchild of Terry Jones, a Christian Pastor from Florida. This act is not just some symbolic gesture of defiance. It is an act of egregious violence against the beliefs and the sacred symbols of one fourth of humanity. The act will scorch Muslim hearts everywhere. The searing pain will never be forgotten.

    Along with the idea of God and prophets, the Quran is the thing that Muslims hold the dearest. My children have been listening to it since even before they were born. I also recite it to them and explain it to them the purpose of Quran and They will be reciting it to their children insha-Allah. Believe me, there is nothing more precious to Muslims than the Quran, and watching people toss it into fire, will be horrifying.

    I am amazed at how millions of Americans who are decent can watch this happen. No matter how ugly the act the Constitution permits this, is not an acceptable excuse. The Constitution does not permit this. The Constitution forbids cruel and unusual punishment. For Muslims this is worse than torture.

    I have been agonizing over this since I heard about it. My feelings are mixed. Sometimes I feel dismayed at having to suffer this. At other times I feel betrayed, for I think We may have invited this through our lack of practicing and living by the Quran.
    Those determined to burn the Quran are doing so as a way to either hurt or get even with Muslims. They however are laboring under the illusion that Quran belongs to Muslims. Yes, Muslims attach unimaginable value to it, but the Quran belongs to the whole of humanity, it is part of the human treasury and the Quran attests that it was sent, not to Muslims, but to the entire humanity: “It is nothing less than a message to all nations” (Quran 68:52).
    It belongs as much to Terry Jones as it does to Muslims. The only difference being, some have built great civilizations on its basis others may burn their own values along with it.
    When images of Quran burning will be flashed around the globe, it will excite Muslim anger. I want Muslim leaders everywhere to council their communities. Recognize this provocation for what it is and unite your energies and work hard to spread this message even harder with more love and compassion. And remember do not let this become a source for anger and hatred towards public.
    If Muslims react with anger and indiscriminate violence then one of Terry Jones’ goals will be fulfilled.
    He would have shown the world that some Muslims are more barbaric than even he is. Be patient, encourage everyone to be patient, let Terry Jones enjoy the monopoly on barbarity for a while if Allah allows him to do so because our faith tells us that no action good or bad occurs without Almighty Allah’s permission.

    “True believers are those who show patience, firmness and self-control (Quran 3:17) and indeed God is with those who are patient (Quran 2:153).”

    May Allah forgive us and help us go through these rough terrains of life and keep us steadfast (ameen)

    Your Brother

  2. Dear Imam Wissam,
    As a non-Muslim, I went to your site because I wanted to hear the wisdom of someone local about the horrible subject. Thank you for reacting with clear judgement and giving me a sense of understanding and peace.
    D. H. Springfield, MA

  3. Great comments. May Allah bless your work dear Shaikh.
    May Allah guide all those who are trying to harm this world.
    We need to spread the message as much as possible. I would distribute 1000 Quran a month if I have money. But I will still distribute it according to my capacity even if I dont have much money bi-iznillah.

  4. Interview with Pastor Jones’ Daughter
    It remains unclear whether Pastor Terry Jones will go ahead with his plan to burn Korans in Florida on Saturday. His daughter Emma has begged him not to go through with it. In an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE, she describes a man who became a victim of his own delusions.

    SPIEGEL ONLINE: Ms. Jones, your father wants to burn hundreds of Korans at his church in Florida on Saturday. What do you think of the plan?

    Emma Jones: I am shocked and condemn it. When I hear what he is currently saying in interviews about his motivations, he seems like a stranger to me.
    SPIEGEL ONLINE: Have you asked him not to go through with it?

    Jones: Yes. I sent him an e-mail. I wrote: Papa, don’t do it. I actually haven’t had any contact with him since he left Cologne in 2008. But because I think his plan is so awful, I implored him to consider the consequences — not just for him but for the whole world.

    SPIEGEL ONLINE: Has he answered?

    Jones: No. But I didn’t think he would.

    SPIEGEL ONLINE: Why do you think your father sees Islam in such a hostile way?

    Jones: It is relatively new. For years he led a church in Cologne that was, at first, merely Bible oriented, but later it began to have sect-like elements. Just before he left Cologne in 2008 and returned to the US, he began saying that Islam is getting the upper hand and that we can’t allow it. But I didn’t grow up with this radicalism.

    SPIEGEL ONLINE: How did you grow up?

    Jones: We were raised in a very Christian household, and it was very strict. But also very social. We received visits from people from all over the world and were open to everything.

    SPIEGEL ONLINE: Former members of his church have spoken of psychological cruelty, forced work, financial irregularities and calls to beat ones own children.

    Jones: My mother, Lisa Jones, died in 1996 of a heart attack. Shortly thereafter, my father remarried and I left the church at age 17. In 2005, he offered me a job as a bookkeeper in a company belonging to the church, which sold donated furniture on eBay. I gained a new insight, and realized that my father preached things and did things that I didn’t find to be in accordance with the Bible at all. He demanded that people completely obey him and his second wife, Sylvia. Both are extremely obsessed with power. I saw genuine religious delusion. A typical indication of a sect. Both of them wanted to control everything.

    SPIEGEL ONLINE: Did you confront your father at the time?

    Jones: Yes. I didn’t agree with those things which I saw as exploitation and psychological abuse. I repeatedly brought those things up. In the end, he called me into his office and said he received a message from God for me: God would take my children and then kill me. I stood up and left. Then I contacted members of the church and tried to open their eyes. And I was successful.

    SPIEGEL ONLINE: It is true, then, that the church in Cologne ousted your father itself?

    Jones: Yes.

    SPIEGEL ONLINE: Did he leave Cologne willingly?

    Jones: It was a mixture. We confronted him and demanded that he correct his errors. But he didn’t give in. When we brought up the church finances, he disappeared the next day.

    SPIEGEL ONLINE: Are you still involved with the church that he left behind?

    Jones: No.

    SPIEGEL ONLINE: Do you believe your father is serious about burning the Korans?

    Jones: I do. My father is not one to give up. As his daughter, I can see the good-natured core deep inside him. But I think he needs help.

    SPIEGEL ONLINE: Is your father a megalomaniac?

    Jones: I’m afraid he is. As his daughter, it is difficult for me to say that.

    SPIEGEL ONLINE: There are apparently a number of your father’s German followers with him in Gainesville. Did he take some of the Cologne church members with him?

    Jones: Yes. Some of his followers went with him.

    SPIEGEL ONLINE: Your father recently said he would consider cancelling the plans if the White House were to contact him personally.

    Jones: I don’t know what’s going through his head. I think he has gone crazy. But I am convinced that he thinks his plan is both correct and good.

    SPIEGEL ONLINE: He has indicated that the final decision will be imparted to him by God. Does he see himself as someone who is in constant contact with God?

    Jones: Yes. He was constantly comparing himself with Moses.
    SPIEGEL ONLINE: If you knew that your father would read this interview, what would you say to him?

    Jones: That he needs help. That he is on the wrong path. But that there are people who love him anyway. I sincerely hope that he comes to his senses.

    Interview conducted by Yassin Musharbash. Translated from the German,1518,716858,00.html

  5. Imam Abdul Baki Wissam cuando nos visita a Venezuela lo extrañamos muchisimo!!! lo necesitamos así sea por un día!

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