March 22, 2023

2 thoughts on “Should we Fear Islam?

  1. Islamophobia? If Islam consisted of nothing more than its 5 pillars, there will never be any fear and no problem of

    integration anywhere in the world.
    So is the picture of violence, intolerance, compulsion that is projected today all mere skewed propganda?

    Skewed or not, the face of Islam that is in the news today is indeed chilling. But people (including the so-called moderate

    Muslims) must wake up to one stark reality. If one were to call out, “Will the TRUE Islam please stand up?”, well, you find

    a bunch of people in various garb from various parts of the world arguing vehemently that each represents the TRUE Islam and

    the others are pretenders/unschooled/traitors lackeys of the infidels etc.. The gentle folks (supposedly the vast

    majority),trying to calmly extol the “goodness” of Islam will be shouted out of the debate or worse, blown to smithereens.

    In every debate this pattern can be observed: “Anti Islamists” will quote the verses that call for killing of unbelievers,

    apostatesinfidels etc. Advocates of “the religion of peace” will say that those verses CAN be contextualized (i.e.

    applicable only to the cultural context of that particular period in history), and it’s the extremists and terrorists who

    have hijacked the “peaceful” religion. They will then go on to quote verses in the Quran exhorting peace, kindness,

    tolerance and all the good stuff. BUT NO ONE ever seems willing to admit the obvious – that the “violent” verses ARE OPEN to

    violent interpretation, as is being abundantly witnessed today. It’s sickening to listen to these religion of peace debaters

    pleading to the world to please “contextualize”, while hiding behind excuses like “there are many, many differing schools of

    thought on issues like hudud”. Puhleeeez! As long as some verses CAN be violently interpreted, you bet there will be people

    who will do so. I mean, what’s there to stop them from carrying out “divine” injunctions interpreted in such manner? Like

    can they be ex-communicated? So when a bunch of them band together and wreak havoc in every corner of the world, is the

    phobia not justified? DUH!

    In Muslim-majority Malaysia (which loudly proclaims itself to be a model progressive, moderate, Islamic state with a fully

    functioning Shariah in parallel with the Federal Constitution), where apostates are legally forced into “rehabilitation

    centres”, Bibles in the National Language are arbitrarily confiscated, couples are fined for holding hands in the park,

    complaints about excessive volume of the minaret result in detention without trial, Islamic prayers are mandatory in

    National schools, etc. And this under a self-professed “moderate” (since non-muslims are allowed gambling and liqour)

    government. How not to fear? Don’t preach to me about “contextualizing” the scriptures. Go sort it out with your brothers

    without getting blown up.

    To those peace-propagating Muslims of the religion of peace, this is my challenge you: take a trip from your democratic.

    multicultural countries; come to Malaysia and say your piece in the goverment-run TV and see how “lovingly” you will be

    received by the hordes of fellow Muslims here. Or better yet, go on a dakwah mission to Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and

    speak at the main intersection in the capital and plainly name the hijackers of the religion of peace? Then, if you are

    still walking free in one piece, come talk to me about the religion of peace.

    1. Hi Sam,

      I love how you’re mixing cultural beliefs with Islamic Shari’a. “If one were to call out, “Will the TRUE Islam please stand up?”, well, you find a bunch of people in various garb from various parts of the world arguing vehemently that each represents the TRUE Islam and the others are pretenders/unschooled/traitors lackeys of the infidels etc..”

      I’d like to highlight that the garbs you mention are cultural and have nothing to do with Islam’s Shari’a. If the Christians and Jews in the west decided to stray from their roots and change their dress codes and what they eat, then that’s their problem. I’m sure you’ll be happier if the “garbs” were more revealing to fit you’re moral standards.

      I’ve been to Malaysia and I agree the laws are harsh, but to a non-Muslim. Similar laws are in Singapore by the way I don’t see you complaining, perhaps because prostitution and drinking is legal there. That must be your idea of liberating women. Most of the people that get in trouble in a place like Singapore and Malaysia are foreigners who try to impose “western” beliefs and cultures in that region. We need to respect and abide the law of the land just like we expect people to the same in our country here. Yes, this does include not drinking and not holding hands in public. It’s immoral there so respect that or don’t visit. If your idea or cultural liberation is plastering your women in Playboy and on the red carpet, it’s not the Muslim way and it’s not Malaysia. You want playboy magazine, alcohol, American Football, and pork chops you know where to get that. Hint: It’s not Malaysia.

      Let’s shift gears to “contextualizing” our Holy Qur’an. Cherry picking verses by a non-Muslim and interpreting as he/she likes should be acceptable to Muslims???? Cool then there is no need for Imams in Islam. We can just go to “Sam” and have him teach us the Qur’an. The Qur’an’s interpretation is our beloved Prophet (BBUH) and the way he lived. We follow the way he interpreted it for us and no one else. Neither you nor any other non-Muslim will ever be allowed to interpret the Qur’an or anything in Islam. We have our scholars to interpret for us, thank you. Anyone else but a Muslim scholar interpreting the Qur’an and Hadith is nothing but someone whose only goal is to run propaganda for their own worldly gains or take the focus off the fabrications that has happened over the year in their own religion. You can say what you want about the Qur’an, Muslims won’t believe you because you’ll always be saying it from a non-Muslim view. If you disagree just review your intentions for writing your statements on the ISWM website. Islam is a way of life not a textbook you pick up to read and memorize.

      Lastly, I’d hate to break it to you but the US and the so-called “developed” countries are not the beacon for civilization, peace, love, and moral integrity. We should all look in the mirror, fix ourselves and clean our own laundry. I ask Allah to guide you to the righteous way.

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