April 1, 2023

0 thoughts on “Hate Comes to Orange County (Must Watch)

  1. disgusting neocon flag desecration for children

    Go out of your way to befriend Muslims.
    Learn about them, learn from them.
    That flag means mutual respect.
    The truth destroys Neocons.

    signed, US Navy veterans

    1. I like your comment. And I love the USA. I’m a Muslim living here since 1yr. old. I hated Islam as a youth(all religions really)-until I was fortunate to learn about it. Study it….im not here to defend Islam. That was my choice. But this rally scared me. Really! The comments were hateful. And defending them, is like me defending some terrorist who killed innocent ppl. I’m very shocked at my country today;moreso at politicians that KNOW this is what the Nazi’s did. And to think Jews would join this is also insulting. We should be marching together. Not shouting insults. These ppl. cant unite in love. So? they use hate. and if they do it 1x, and it works. they”ll keep doing what works. No ALL Americans MUST renounce this event as terrifying, hate protests. I will look into Abdel Malik. BUt if he was the problem-why didnt they make THAT the object of their protest.

  2. Very unfortunate language and I am sure a disturbing experience for gentle women and innocent children.

    Unfortunately CAIR misrepresents its purpose routinely. This ostensibly charitable event promoted two known terror supporters as their keynote speakers. One was Abdel Malik Ali, a supporter of Hamas that demands Israel be eradicated and Jews killed all over the world. Watch him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8OJvR7hAT8 Joining him was Siraj Wahaj, an unindicted co conspirator in the first World Trade Center bombing.

    Many protesters at this event were not part of the group screaming insults as depicted by this misleading video. In fact, many respectful people were there to protest the hatred espoused by the keynote speakers. I hope that patriotic loyal American Muslims will reject their hateful teachings.

  3. Well, I think it is awesome that Americans are standing up to the Muslim invaders. Here we send our sons and daughters to fight for their ( Muslim) freedoms and prosperity while our sons and daughters come back disfigured or worse dead. Trillions of our dollars being spent on heathens and you expect Americans to idly stand by and greet you with smiles on their faces. Your invasion efforts will be thwarted.

  4. Muslims should realize that Americans will never embrace your ways. You will be stopped. If you want to practice your faith, go back to your own countries of origin. We do not want Muslims in America.

    1. What a bold statement of ignorance. To even entertain such a thought constitutes a share lack of understanding or wisdom. For your information, a good number of Muslims want to practice their faith in their own countries of origin which is in fact the USA. I will assume this country is not even your country of origin, is it? Be a true citizen you claim you are and respect the culture and diversity of this country. Just like Jews, Christians and other faiths, Muslims are going to be a part of America, whether you like it or not. Educate yourself before making silly statements like that. It’s a shame we have people like you that think this way. It’s a shame. “We do not want Muslims in America”… NONSENSE! Have some dignity.

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