March 22, 2023

0 thoughts on “9/11 After A Decade: Have We Learned Anything?

  1. What is there to learn?

    The Laws of Physics don’t give a damn about the government,
    conspiracies or Islam. The destruction of three skyscrapers were not
    necessary to determine or prove that. Physics does not give a damn
    about the human race.

    So after TEN YEARS we have to wonder about the physics profession.
    Why aren’t most of them even asking the obvious questions about the
    destruction of those buildings? But how many engineers should know the
    necessary physics for this problem? Are we supposed to believe that
    electrical engineers can’t figure out what happened to the twin towers
    was funny physics just because that is not supposed to be their area of
    expertise? What about automotive engineers? The physics of that is
    closer to what happened on 9/11 than electrical engineering.

    9/11 calls into question the integrity of a lot of science and
    technology professionals. That is what we need to learn from the 9/11
    Decade. 9/11 itself is grade school physics.

    1. No it doesn’t.  A science is a science.  Science is based on numbers and numbers don’t lie.  People lie.  But numbers don’t.

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