April 1, 2023

3 thoughts on “Consumption of Intoxicants & Drugs: an Islamic Perspective

    1. America is not a muslim country. It is not a country that applies shari’a law.
      We don’t have any right to punish anyone. What we can do is a work of da’wa. We should invite people to stay away from it. We should keep reminding them every chance we have even if we have already mentioned it 100 times.

      I believe there are four things we can and should do:
      1- Never use intoxicants ourselves no matter what others say
      2- Refuse to be in the company of people if they are drinking alcohol or using intoxicants. Even if you were with people who weren’t drinking and then some of them decided to drink, you should leave and mention why you are leaving. By leaving you are discouraging them from doing it next time you are around. And of course you are following Allah’s commands and protecting yourself from being cursed by Allah.
      3- Tell people that alcohol and other intoxicants are Haram and should be avoided
      4- Some muslims own shops that sell alcohol. If you really believe in Allah and love your muslim brother to be guided, you should let him know it is Haram and let him know that you won’t come back to his shop until he stops dealing with anything Haram. Allah will insha’Allah reward you greatly for that.

    2. My beloved country America  is in extreme need to get rid of intoxicants, violence, ignorance etc… our problems are so many and Muslims have the right to help in the appropriated and legal way  and express their views freely..and I do not belive or read or heard  here is any sane muslim who says he’ll apply shar’ah in a  our belove country, where people do not bleive in shar’ah. may you show me , only, one sane person who claims that.. only one… and, by the way, do you know what is shariah and what stand for??? 🙂 

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