March 26, 2023

9 thoughts on “Burma: Buddhist Mobs Beheaded Women and Children

  1. This is very sad, but Muslims are persecuting Christians and all other religions in all Muslim countries. These are Buddhists in Myanmar, this is not a Western nation and is not supported by the West.

    1. To the contrary, Christian white mad has and had been killing not only Muslims but also blacks,the latest shooting in Chicago where a police officer shot a black teen 16 times. Not to mention the fact tact that the USA invaded and occupied Iraq and Afghanistan and killed 2 million , half a million of whom are Iraqi children. You people are controlled by Zionist Jews that is why Western Main Stream Media does not show the other side of the story. Christian white man atrocities are evident since the barbaric killing and elimination of native Americans and the enslaving of Africans. And the story of killing Blacks continues in the USA , where blacks are shot in the streets,in Churches,and at schools,nobody is safe.

      1. When you are the aggressor you get what you deserve, eventually.

        I agree on the 16 shot incident, that was, at least, manslaughter. The cop is paying the price. The youth was high and slashing tires, then ignoring commands. Not too smart, hopefully others will learn from both their mistakes.

        The allies killed as many civilians as soldiers in WW2. War is hell. That is how you win, so don’t be an aggressor and don’t live near enemy facilities.

        Muslims have been slaughtering people since the Mohammed first rose. He was a failure at peaceful leadership. Islam has killed millions from Indonesia to India to central Africa. It has enslaved far more than Whites have, and still is.

        Palestinian leaders will not allow peace. It is not in their plan. Their only plan is to incite hatred of Jews and America. Peace would have occurred already. Islam instills hatred from infancy on.

        Pray for peace Walid. I will.

    1. I have not heard any Christian decry the atrocities of Israel in Palestine, killing and slaughtering kids and women. Silence—————————————————————————————————-

  2. These were not Bhuddists. And no, this is not a ‘no true scottsman’ fallacy. They were in fact not Bhuddists. Do the editors of this publication give a crap? It doesn’t seem so, since they haven’t correct their error for two years now.

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