Thanks to Allah which made our master MOHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) Allah’s messenger the most honourable and the greatest human being throughout history. He is the Imam of prophets and messengers, and the master of intercessors on Doomsday, and nither the hired pens, nor frantic thoughts , nor any preversive media campaigns can prejudice him, his religion or his ethics after ALLAH praised Him saying :

((And Lo! You are of a magnificent nature.)) (The Pen:4), and ALLAH’s praise has sufficed him of any and all otherwise praise , and refutated any doubt from him


Among the attributes of this great messenger (P.B.U.H) is the forgiveness at the time of ability, and mercy to those believers around him, ALLAH said : ((There hath come unto you a messenger (One) of yourselves, unto whom aught that ye are overburdened is grevious, full of concern for you, for the believers full of pity, merciful.)). (The Repuntance,128) yet his mercy extends to include the whole universe, being the mercy for everything. ALLAH said (( We sent Thee not save as a mercy for the people.)) (The Prophets: 107). The messenger (P.B.U.H.) sensed the importance of mercy in his life and mission , so he named himself The Prophet of mercy. Abu Moosa AL Ashari narrated saying: (ALLAH’s messenger (P.B.U.H) used to advise us of his name, and he said (I am Mohammad, Ahmed, Al Moqaffi, Al Hasher , The Prophet of Repuntance and the Prophet of Mercy.) recited by Muslem.(1)

It is very odd that in this time some biased should accuse the Prophet of Mercy (P.B.U.H) of terrorism while he is the most merciful human being on earth (2) and never a revengeful or tyrant man, and ever keen to establish decipline and the law of Sharia, and the most humble kind and abstinence , and Ahmed Shawqi – The poet – has assimilated Him as the kind father who always would forgive mistakes of his sons ; when he said (3) :

= Should you forgive; you would forgive as an able one = Whose forgiveness would not be ignored in controversy = Should you extend mercy, Then you are the father & Mother = Who is this World are the symbols of Mercy.



These reasons are summarized in six:-

1. Studying the religious texts in separation and not looking into them as an itegrated unit ; as the Islamic Sharia includes Religion, Existence, War and Peace. So reading the texts organising war separately and independantly from those which organize Peace would lead to misunderstanding.

2. Non-Understanding or appreciating the circumstances which have encompassed those texts, as there are the Reasons for Descent; the knowledge of which are vital for understanding the circumistances envolving descent of the text.

3. Ignorance of the Arabic Language. Reading the text in its original language would remove much confusion an ambiguity, as there is the General representing the special, and the Special representing the general, and there is the Synonymity , the common , the ambiguous and otherwise, and the knowledge of the Arabic eloquence is very essential for understanding the Koran.

4. Ignorance about the phylosophy of life , as in life there is war and there is peace , and the Right Religion must organise the life rules in both cases and should not leave the war affairs to the people to organise by themselves , hence the religion would be uncompleted and not valid for the life actuality.

5. Ignorance about the biography of the Prophet (PBUH) and the historical incidents , and interpertating such incidents from a sectarian or denominationalizm angle far from objectivity.

6. The psychological reasons of malice and hatered ; which are reasons that the fanatics who spite Islam and the prophet (P.B.U.S) will and continue to nurture . Allah said: ((They Long That ye should disbelieve ; that ye may be upon a level (With them) …..)) (The Women : from verse 89).

What is Terrorism ?

Before we may disprove the terrorism lie against the prophet (PBUH) we should define the Terrorism and deferenciate between it and the Jihad, as many people would confuse between the terminologies, the thing which causes the confusion in minds and consequences. As for language : The terrorism source is a tripple source which is (Rahab) – Terror – meaning acquiring fear . And (Rahabout is better than Rahamout) meaning to be afraid of sin is better than to be merciful, and the fearful is the Lion (4).

So terrorism is referred to terror, and terror comes from many reasons starting with the psychological reasons. Fear from disavowal disdain and the like is the lowest degree of terrorism which we call the psychological terrorism, and a person may fear that the disavowal may change to a permanent vilification, and the psychological harm may change to media and social harm, and the people may boycott this person economically, then the harm would change from moral to physical ; the thing which would result for him in poverty and damage , and in a final step people may try to bodily harm him or harm his family or guests , and here the terrorism enters the dangerous stage of killing and annihilation and the victim would then find it necessary to defend himself or his in preservance to his right to live.

In this introduction we could define terrorism as : causing physical or moral damage to others, and refusing hearing them or talking to them . The damage starts with disavowal and vilification , and ends with the killing and mass annihilation war , and between these two stages there are many intermediate stages of the media , economic social and ethical agression .

Guiltlessness of The Prophets and Messengers (P.B.U.Them) of Terrorism :-

From the hereabove definition of terrorism we find that it would not apply to all the prophets and messengers; who in all wanted to convince their people by logic , and to let them convey the messages of God to the people without any harm , but it should apply to their enemies who would close in their face every approach of Right and forbid whoever wants to reach the way of guidance , and the first to do that is Lucifer (God curse him) as recited in Koran : ((He said : Now because Thou hast sent me astray ; verily I shall lurk in ambush for them in Thy Right Path.)) (The Hights: 16), and the enemies of the messengers would use all terrorism methods to drive people away from the Right Path, and the messengers terrorist enemies call for the media war in several ways including obscenity, and calling them repugnant names. ALLAH said: ((Even so there came no messenger unto those before them but they said: a Wizard or a madman.)) (The Winnowing winds: 52) , and they may economically besiege the believers and spread ribaldry , dirty the honour and defame the believers by lies and otherwise, then the bodily annihilation starts with the whip then the soward , as terrorism starts from the idea of rejection of living with the other party and ends with total annihilation of that party even if he should be a prophet sent like mossa (PBUH) ALLAH said : ((And a believing man of Pharaoh’s family; who hid his faith said : ” Would ye kill a man because he saith : My God is ALLAH, and hath brought you clear proof from your lord? …..)) (The Beliver : From verse 28)

Several times the enemies of the Messengers have tried to restrict movements of their messengers and to expell them from their land ; as if the home is monoplized to the unbelievers only, ALLLAH said : ((And those who disbelieve said unto their messengers :verily we will drive you out from our land ; unless you return to our religion . Then their Lord inspired them (Saying) : Verily We will destroy the wrong – doers.)) (Abraham : 13) , and may hap they would try to kill the prophets and their followers : ((Lo! those who disbelieve the revelations of ALLAH , and slay the Prophets wrongfully , and slay those of mankind who enjoin equity ; promise them a painful doom)) (The Family of Imran :21).

The last Prophet (P.B.U.H) has been subjected to several types of terrorism from his kin until ALLAH saved him from them. ALLAH said: ((And when those who disbelieved plot against thee (O Muhammad) to wound thee fatally , or to kill thee or to drive thee , they plot , but ALLAH (also) plotteth; and ALLAH is the best of plotters.)) (Spoils of War: 30).

A Doubt and Refutation Thereof :-

Rahab (Terror) expression and derivatives thereof has appeared in twelve in Koran ; i;e : Rahab , Rahbanieyah (Monasticism) , Rohban (Frairs) and otherwise (5) but it has never appeared in the meaning of terror or terrorism, but has appeared to justify facing the enemy in battle in one place only in the Koran , in the verse : ((make ready for them all thou can’t of (armed) force and of horses tethered , that thereby you may dismay the enemy of ALLAH and your enemy ….)) (Spoils of the War :60), and the terrorising here meant is to be in battle as ALLAH (has ordered the preparation of war equipment to fight them as best and ability.) (6) , and it is known that all battles purpose to win the war and terrorise the enemy and gain spoil , because war is not a game , and the strong will in the end prevail and be victorious . Therefore all the nations and armies endeavour to win the battles in the first round and to fill their enemies hearts with terror , and this is what Koran has purposed to , and nor purposed to terrorise the innocent or to liquidate his enemies by treacherous means as the tyrants may do, because the principle on which Islam has been built is the respect of other’s rights of belief and rights in good life and effective participation in building the society, and not to start aggression . ALLAH says: ((And those who ; when great wrong is done to them , defend themselves . The guerdon of an ill – dead is an ill the like thereof but whosoever pardoneth and amendeth ; his wage is the affair of ALLAH . Lo! He loveth not wrong – doers /And whose defendeth himself after he hath suffered wrong – for such , there is no way (of blame) against them./ The way (of blame) is only against those who oppress mankind , and wrongfully rebel in the earth . For such there is a painful doom.) (Councel : 39 to 42)


There is purposeful mix-up between terrorism and Jihad . The enemy media designate Jihad as terrorism , and what a big difference there is !! The mix-up necessitates describing the prophet (PBUH) by things which are not true because he took up his sword and fought in the way of ALLAH, but not all who took up swords are terrorists or else all Prophets (P.B.U.Them) and all kinds and conquorers in history should have been terrorists , but this is unbecoming by law and by logic as terrorism is an act of oppression and unlawful adopted by a group or a terrorist country as the Zeonist entity for special purposed , and here terrorism is an act of corruption on earth and destruction of humanity rejected by all religions and laws, and Islam has taken a definite stand against this ALLAH said : ((………Help not one another unto sin and transgression ….)) (The Table spread: from verse 2) , and Islam has imposed severe punishments on the actions that threaten the public security like actions of the highwaymen and the like which entail and in these criminals and their like ALLAH said : ((The only reward for those who make war upon ALLAH and His messenger and strive after corruption in land will be that they will be killed or crusified or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land . Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom)) (The Table Spread : 33)

As for Jihad in the way of ALLAH ; it is a part of the prophets and messengers (P.B.U.Them) method ; including our messenger Mohammad (P.B.U.H), and it is an equitable war to counter aggression or to remove the oppressive dictatorships which bar between people and their freedom of belief . ALLAH said : ((There is no compulsion in religion . The right direction is hencefroth distinct from error.)) (The Cow : 256) , and Jihad is not sanctioned to compell people to embrace Islam, ALLAH alone is the glorious and He alone is the King of Kings and has called people to worship Him for their own benefit , and Koran is his feast in earth , so whoso refuses to answer His call ALLAH would not accept his endeavours and would not compell him to embrace his call because kings are usually proud ; and if a person makes an invitation and some of those invited refuse to respond thereto he will not compell them to come but will shun them and turn away from them . The backbone of establishing human relationships between people is the wish and love and not the hatered and compulsion , and with the Lord of the people ; the King of the people and the God of the people it is built in this criterion . GUSTAV LOPON in this course says: “History has proved that religions are not ordained by force , and when the christains conquered the Andalusia arabs, those arabs preferred to be killed and expelled totally therefrom than to abandon Islam , Thus Koran has not spread by the power of the sword but by the call only, and by the call only has Islam been embraced by the nations who have later conquered the arabs; like the truks and mogouls)) (7 ).

Jihad has started in defence of the Mohajereen (immigrants) who have been expelled from their homes wrongfully. ALLAH said : ((Sanction is given unto those who fight because they have been wronged ; and ALLAH is indeed able to give them victory.)) (The Pilgrimage :39) , and it has concluded by being a defence for man wherever he may be , and a freeing of the whole humanity of all forms and types, and throughtout all areas and in all places ; of all bonds and dictatorships that bind it. ALLAH said : (( O ye who believe ! Fight those of the disbelievers who are near to you , and let them find harshness in you , and know that ALLAH is with those who keep their duty (unto Him). (Repentance :123)

Muslems used to sacrifice their money and themselves for the purpose of establishing and spreading equity and facilitating freedom of choice for others in eras which did not practie or enjoy political and religion freedom , and did not recognize man’s dignity , and this an international precidence for the muslems who should be proud thereof , as they have not fought for the purpose of gaining spoil from others and acquire their wealth , but for the purpose of spearing equity and freedom among the people so that they may be free to chose the rightful belief ; or to stick to their original belief at their descretion without fearing any controlles or supervisor . The like of such war has not been know to man throughout all ages . War in history and currently is waged for gain, profit , greed and avarice.

And should the modern times have provided a kind of freedom and protection under the law and the state authority to some extent , and if the superpowers have started to think of what is now named The human Right , and endeavour to interfer to protect them as they allege , so this matter has not been found throughout the middle ages and therefore Jihad at that time has been to save the human freedom and dignity, and to free the human from the control of any oppressive power debarring it from embracing the religion it believes without fearing all the powers controlling the individual and society destiny at that time.

And if the law could assure equity ; without the need for immigration or fighting , and the prophet (P.B.U.H) has shown his followers the thing which is for them better than the Jihad ; in the times of peace and security ;i.e: The praise of God, saying to them : ((May I tell you of best deeds and the most chastise with your Lord and the highst in your status and for you the far better than spending gold and paper money ? It is better for you than to meet your enimies and cut their throats and they cut your throats?)) so they said : Yes . and he said : ((The praise of God)) (8) , but if the law could not stablish equity thereof then fighting becomes a legal alternative for the purpose of establishing equity until Doomsday.


According to the Islamic Sharia’a which does not impose control on peoples thoughts and beliefs; people are free in their religions and beliefs. There is no compulsion in religion . ALLAH said : ((There is no compulsion in Religion. The Right Direction is henceforth distinct from error.)) (The Cow :256) , and no atheism by compulsion is accepted , nor belief by compulsion likewise . The basis in believing and disbelieving is the full human freedom without supervision or compulsion, and only by choice will the responsibility in front of Him The Lord be in Doomsday.

Here some may ask questions about The Verse of the Sword ; and that we should compell others to embrace our belief , and the savant IBN KATHEER has replied to the idea of abrogating the verses of peace by the Verse of the Sword ; saying about the Koran verse : ((And if they incline to peace ; incline thou also to it , and trust in Allah. Lo! He ; even He , is the Hearer , the knower .)) (The spoils of war : 61). and IBN ABBAS, MUJAHID, ZAID IBN ASLAM , ATTA’A AL KHORASANI , IKRIMAH , AL HASAN and QATADA said: This verse is abrogated by the verse of the sword in the Repentance Sura ; the verse (Fight against such of those who have been given the scripture as believe not in ALLAH nor The Last Day ….) and it is subject to revision , because the verse of (Freedom from Obligation) contains the order for fighting them if possible, but should the enemy be intensive , then they may be reconciled as this verse indicated , and as the prophet (P.B.U.H) has done in AL Hodaibeiah Day, and so there is no contradiction nor specialization , and God is the Knower.) (9)


The origin in the Islamic relations with non-muslems who have not carried arms against Islam is that the relationship should be that of benevolence , equity , communication and cooperation , whether they may be living within the Islamic state or outside it. ALLAH said: ((ALLAH forbigeth you not those who warred not against you or account of religion, and drove you not out from your homes , that you should show them kindness and deal justly with them. Lo! ALLAH Loveth the just dealers.)) (She That Is Be Examined : 8). But for those who have carried arms against the Islamic State and fought against it ; they should likewise be punished ; whether being originally non-muslem who have carried arms against the Muslem authority. ALLAH said: ((The forbidden month for the forbidden moth and forbidden things for retaliation. And one who attacketh you attack him in like manner as he attacked you. Observe your duty to ALLAH, and know that ALLAH is with those who ward off (evil).)) (The Cow: 194). But aggression from the muslem side against others is forbidden. ALLAH said : ((Fight in the way of ALLAH against those who fight against you, but begin not hostility , ALLAH Lovelth not agressors.)) (The Cow :190).

In the lights of these sublime laws statutated by the holly sharia the muslems have lived with the others of the different religions , and the muslems and the people of The Book (Christains and Jews) have exchanged food, as it has been made lawful to each party to eat the other party’s food. ALLAH said : ((This day are (all) good things made lawful for you . The food of those who have received the scripture is lawful for you , and your food is lawful for them ……..)) (The Table Spread – from verse 5)

Islam also has forbidden calling them names or insulting them or their religion, or let them hear what they detest, and has forbidden shedding their blood, and permitted visiting them and their entering the mosques , and permitted muslem prayers in the churches , wearing their clothes, visiting their patients and seeking their help on necessity , and to exchange trade with them and marrying their Woman ………etc.


Many orientalists have praized the magnanaimity of Islam , among them is ZIEGREED HONEKER who have praised the Islam attitude towards the nazarines who she said : “The arabic magnanimity has enhanced the Arab conquror AMRO IBN AL AAS to avoid any looting , robbing or distruction of the conqured cities , and he took it on himself to ensure to the people practicing of their inherited way of life ; as stated litrarily in the surrender Doctorine , and to be acquainted with the real dimensions of this unaccoustomed magnanimous attitude in Europe.))

The magnanimity has started at the time of the prophet DAVID (P.B.U.H) and this noble Islamic manner has continued adopted by the muslem kings and their khalifas. GUSTAV LOPON, in his recital about the results of the crusades , says : “Salahuddin did not want to treat the crusaders with the same bruitality as the first crusaders have done ; i.e: fully and completely annihilate the Nazarines , but was satisfied to impose on them a light capitation ; forbidding looting anything from them.)) (10).

Our Master Mohammed was not ; and is not , a terrorist in the eyes of many of the Western thinkers and scientists; including George Bernard Shaw, but he was a noble prophet and a great leader understanding the phylosophy of life and acting according to its laws, and war to him was a means and not an objective ; which is the vision adopted by Bernard Shaw of the war , as Bernard Shaw has reflected his stance of the war in the dialogue which he has immagined had taken place between Jesus and Mohammed as follows :-

= Killing is forbidden in my religion

= This is true when it relates to personal conflicts, but we should kill those who are not fit to live

= And who would judge whether we are fit to live or not ? All the higher authorities, rulers, emperors and the senior religious men have judged that I am not fit to live.

= The same has happened to me , and I had to save myself and disappear until I had convinced a number of strong youth that their leaders have misjudged me, then I returned and removed the grass from the garden

= I admire your courage and practical wisdom, but I am not of the same type.

= Do not admire these qualities ; I sometimes feel ashamed of them . All the tribes chiefs have a lot of these , and if I have any value ; it is resulting from that spritual sublimness which has made of me a tool for the godly inspiration. (11)

If only those who describe Mohammad being a terrorist should have read Bernard Shaw’s talk and thought well before issuing their judgment. Jesus’s enemies had tried to kill him and could not, and they claim that they had crusified him should all the messengers destiny and to be killed or crusified ; as they claim , so that they may not be terrorists ? and who is the party that gives legality of killing to the killer but not to the victim? and why do people support the butcher against the butchered ? Is this not in the end the law of the jungle where the strong devoures the weak? and what is the preferencial of man’s society from the jungle society.


This the fact professed by Bernard Shaw. In this regard the professor MAHMOUD ALI MURAD says:- “In regards to the ethics in general ; Shaw wishes to equify the Prophet of Islam from his critiques and critiques of his religion among christians , those have mentioned in more than one place that MOHAMMAD had recognised Christs mission and had respected him with the same degree that Christ weed to respect John The Babtist with ; who had been a contemporary to him and had professed his coming , and be stressing on this fact Shaw wanted to say that if Mohammed had been wicked or false or a lier ; as most of the christains allege under the banner of the church, he would have attacked Christ instead of recognizing him , and that his acknowledging Christ is a recognition of the ethics of his mission , and that his recognition of this mission should by logic protect him from their aggression , Hence defamation of Mohammed is an indirect defamation in the ethics he professes , which are the same ethics Christianity is professing.)) (12)


No doubt that some Nazarines in the West have seen in the Islam victory and its spread in the West a danger threatining their interests and hence they advertized enmity thereto , and their sin towards Mohammad had been similar to the jews sin towards Christ , as both have refused recognizing the Right and acknowledging it, so they ignited war between Christianity and Islam. One Arminian poet recites from a long poe (13).

= I shall conquer the land of God East & West and Spread Christ religion by my swosrd !

= Jesus has ascended to heaven with his Zest his disciples win on Doomsday and Fail those Fraud !

= And your man is dust under the barren Dust and has become a dead body among those under ground !

and such poems would flare a media war, and IBN HAZM AL ANDALUSI has countered this poem with a hot one (14).

The Crusades had flared and muslems have been expelled from Andalusia because of the hatered kindered by the Crusader Kings for purposes religious in the face but actually for political reasons, because there is no contradiction in the living together of muslems and Christians as above mentioned, and in year 492 Hijri (the Europeans took Jerusalem after a one and half month siege, and killed more than seventy thousands, among them were some savants, worshippers and hermits, and tore down the monuments, and amassed the Jews inside the church and burnt it on them) (15). GUSTAV LOPON describes the crusaders actions and distructions saying:- “The pious crusader Knights did not stop at that but they held a conference where they unanimously approved annihilation of all Jerusalem tenants of Muslims Jews and dissident Nazarines whose number amounted to sixty thousands, and they fully and totally annihilated them in eight days, excluding no woman, boy or old man, and the crusaders wished to rest from the effort of slaying all Jerusalem people so they took to celebrating by drinking and orgy. (16).

Against this repeated invasion by the crusaders the Muslims did not get involved in annihilating religions wars with others, but they lived with all the religions and sects as found in the Islam countries, and when they defeated the crusader forces they extended to them services and help to those who wished to return to their countries, and Salahuddin gave amnesty to their kings, (and the Sultan released a large number of the daughters of their kings together with the women and children and even the men, and a lot of them were given amnesty and a lot were granted intercession and he pardoned many of them).(17), and he did not take revenge on their churches or on the Nazarines who were living side by side with the Muslims in the Islam countries, the thing which have not been granted to the Muslims of Andalusia when the Nazarines took power there in, where the mosques were burnt down and the Islamic relics were destroyed and all Muslims were expelled from that country.


Bernard Shaw analyses the causes for the Crusades that “The sanctification of the Christians to The Old Testament for being an integral part of their holly book had been the reason for planting the military trend in the soles of the Europeans, and has a large effect in all the wars waged by the Christian world, and both sides in those wars- including the first World War- after which his writings in this regard have been compiled, were holding the rifle the gun or the bomb in one hard and the Old Testament, or writings extracted from the Old Testament, in the other hand, and the erasor of the war trend from the soles of people will not be possible unless the Old Testament should be revised, reformed and looked into it considering it an actual fact and not a book descended from the sky.(18)


The colonization wars in modern tunes have used the Christian religion as a cover to their economical cupidities, and the Italian soldiers anthem when they wanted to open Libya was:-

= Mother! Finish your prayer Don’t cry but laugh and feast

= Wouldn’t you know that Italy calls and I am going to Libya happy and pleased

= To shed my blood for crushing the cursed

= To fight Islam which offers virgins To the Sultan

= I will fight with endeavour

to erase the Koran! (19)

and such anthem would not be acceptable to the lord Crist (P.B.U.H.) who had been messenger for love and peace, who had said: “Loveth thy Enimies”

Results of The research:

1. Originally Peace is the prophets and messengers mission, but their enemies took up arms against them and hence fighting became the prophets and messengers destiny, even Christ who has never fought in his life even one day, will before Doomsday descend from the sky to kill Antichrist who is the worst enemy of ALLAH on earth. In the Saying it is stated that Christ shall hold the sword to fight Antichrist (Until he catches him at Bab Lud and Kills him). (20).

2. The enemies of the messengers and prophets were always the starters with aggression, these they are the terrorists in life, and any prophet cum messenger has the legal right to defend himself. ALLAH said: ((Will you not fight a folk who broke their solemn pledges, and purposed to drive out the messenger and did attack you first?…….)) (Repentance – from verse 13).

3. Many prophets and messenger have; before Mohammed (P.B.U.H.), took up the sword, among them was Moses, David, and Suliman (P.B.U.Them), and if taking up the sword has been an unbecoming act for the good religious men and the prophets, then they would not have done so, but the act which is unbecoming for them is to let the aggressors and the corrupters corrupt the land without stopping them, because Right must be backed up with strength and a force to protect and defend it.

4. The fight conducted by the prophets and messengers is governed by ethical rules. The environment, the animals, the weaker people, the priests, the chaples nor the churches should be harmed or damaged, contrary to their enemies, fights which is always annihilative destructing every thing. ALLAH said: ((And when he brought them the truth from Our Presence they said: Saly the sons of those who believe and spare their women ………..)) (The Believer – from verse 25)

5. Jihad in Islam had started in defence of the Immigrants and the Protectors, and ended in defence of the rights of the people and the minorities on earth, and to free them from the fetters which bind them. ALLAH said: ((………. And He will relieve them from their burden and the fetters that they used to wear ……)) (The Hights – from verse 157). So Jihad’s objective is the change and the people. It is never a pear to the terrorism, and if the advanced countries today give themselves the right to interfere in the other countries affairs, and wage wars thereon for the purpose of realizing Democracy, and Human Rights, as they claim, then it is the more so that such right should be given to the Right Religion which is the supreme and not surpassed.

6. If Mohammed is the most merciful man and the furthest from revenging himself, and it is enough his famous saying to the people of Mecca: “Go! You are free!”, and any description of him which contradicts the high ethics and the enclusive mercy is a lie and a falsity of the truth and the history, and the equitable Europeans, and those from other countries, certify his high and great manners and ethics and his nobleness (P.B.U.H.)

7. Living with others is in the nature and law of Islam, and the messenger (P.B.UH.) would not have wrong or made injustice to anyone or compelled him to embrace his religion when ALLAH says: ((And if Thy Lord Willed, all are in the earth would have believed together. Wouldst Thou (Mohammad) compel men until they are believers?)). (Jonah – 99)

8. Deferentiation between the Jihad and terrorism is a must. Terrorism means oppression, killing human beings, expelling people from the their homes, breaking down their houses and assault their property and honour, and destroy the environment. All this is totally rejectable in all forms and pictures, and will not conform with the Sharia texts and objectives, and the savants consults are vast in rejecting and prohibiting terrorism.

9. Terrorism in the baby of colonization which has torn apart the human relationships among people, and has utilized the most destructive weapons to humilate and conquer them, and now it is attacking the Rightful Religion and its noble prophet (P.B.U.H.) wrongfully. God bless Christ when he said to the sons of Israel:- (Ye sons of snakes! You see the mote in your brother’s eye and do not see the wood in your eye!).

Our last invocation is ((Praise Be To ALLAH, God of All.))


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