Mayor Will Reichelt: Marijuana 101

Let’s talk about marijuana. I wasn’t a supporter of legalization back in 2016 and we voted against legalization here in West Side. But it was a statewide ballot question and it passed. Marijuana is legal now, we don’t have a choice about legalization anymore. We can’t make it illegal in West Side. We’re having a different conversation now.

I’m concerned that discussion has gone off the rails. Emotions are running high and folks are getting angry at one another for having diverging opinions. The conversation we should be having is building an understanding of whats before us now and knowing that we’re all trying to do what we believe is in the best interest of the community.

I wasn’t pro legal marijuana back in 2016 and after we voted it down I drafted a moratorium on commercial marijuana and got it past through the Council. Nothing can be bought, sold, or manufactured in West Side until 2019 or until we regulate and replace the moratorium.

I’ve spent the past year and a half speaking with state and local officials about commercial marijuana. I’ve testified before the Joint Marijuana Commission about the need for local control and legitimate taxation. I’ve meet with the Cannabis Control Commission to understand their new regulations. There’s a lot of information to digest and I believe it all warrants discussion.

Over the next couple of days, ahead of the June 4th Council meeting, I’ll be releasing videos along with some informative links to illuminate folks on my position. Like I said before, I wasn’t in support of legalization in 2016, but the conversation is no longer about legalization but regulation. We do not have to allow sales in West Side, but before we make that decision I believe we need to have a sensible discussion about the issue.

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