It Is The Namus that God Sent Down To Moses !

“…and He went to Khadija and said: Wrap me up, wrap me up! So they wrapped him till the fear had left him. He then said to Khadija: O Khadija! what has happened to me? and he informed her of the happening, saying: I fear for myself. She replied: It can’t be. Be happy. I swear by Allah that He shall never humiliate you. By Allah, you join ties of relationship, you speak the truth, you bear people’s burden, you help the destitute, you entertain guests, and you help against the vicissitudes which affect people. Khadija then took him to Waraqa who was the Khadija’s Cousin and  who had embraced Christianity before. After The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) informed Waraqa what he had seen,Waraqa said: It is  the namus that God sent down to Musa…more:  sunnah