Hadith Meaning: “The Prophet, may Allah praise him, said: ‘O Ka’b, may Allah protect you such that you do not witness the period of unworthy rulers.’ Ka’b asked…what is this period? The Prophet said: ‘This is a period of rule wherein those who rule will not follow my guidance, and will follow other than my Sunnah…whoever believes their lies and helps them further their oppression are not from me, and I am not from them; they shall not drink from my Hawdh (pool) on the Day of Resurrection. Whoever disbelieves them (i.e. the unworthy rulers), and does not help them spread their oppression, they are from me and I am from them, and they shall drink from my Hawd on the Day of Resurrection. O Ka’b fasting is a protective shield (that shields you from the torment of the afterlife), and charity puts out the flames of sin and prayers shall draw your closer to Allah. O Ka’b everyone of us shall leave this Dunya…a person may either leave this world freeing himself from Hell or shackling himself to it.” (Sahih at-Targhib) May Allah protect us from this evil…Ameen!

عَنْ كَعْبِ بْنِ عُجْرَةَ، قَالَ قَالَ لِي رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صلى الله عليه وسلم: “‏ أعاذك اللهُ من إمارة السفهاءِ قال : وما إمارةُ السفهاءِ ؟ قال : أمراءٌ يكونون بعدي ، لايهتدون بهديي ، ولايستنُّون بسُنَّتي ، فمن صدَّقهم بكذبهم ، وأعانهم على ظلمهم ، فأولئك ليسوا مني ، ولست منهم ، ولا يَرِدُون عليَّ حَوضي . ومن لم يُصدِّقْهم بكذبهم ، ولم يُعِنْهم على ظُلمِهم ، فأولئك مني وأنا منهم ، وسيرِدُون عليَّ حَوْضي . يا كعبُ بنَ عُجرةَ ! الصيامُ جُنَّةٌ ، والصدقةُ تُطفِيءُ الخطيئةَ ، والصلاةُ قُربانٌ ، أو قال : برهانٌ يا كعبُ بنَ عُجرةَ ! الناسُ غاديانِ ؛ فمُبتاعٌ نفسَه فمُعتِقُها ، وبائعٌ نفسَه فمُوبِقُها” صحيح الترغيب