March 22, 2023

4 thoughts on “Jesus and the Virgin Mary in the Qur’aan

    1. Mother of Jesus and the Mother of Yahya ( Juan) are sisters.. Jesus has no father and he is the word of Allaah ( God).. in the Miracle of ascension :” the Prophet ascended to the second heaven. In this second heaven was where Prophet Muhammad saw Prophets ^Isa and Yahya. ^Isa and Yahya are cousins; their mothers were sisters. They welcomed the Prophet and made supplication (du^a’) for him for good things.” Bukharai

    1. yes, in according the Islamic teachings. see also: John the Baptist is known as Yohana in Arabic and in the Qur’an. The Qur’an, in the sura Maryam, identifies John as the son of Zachariah and maternal cousin of Jesus. It relates an account similar to that of the Gospel of Luke, including the barrenness of Zachariah’s unnamed wife and his doubts, though Zachariah is not described as actually mute but only that the sign of the coming of John was that he would not speak for three nights. John, whose tidings are foretold by the angels, is exhorted to hold fast to the Scripture and was given wisdom by God while still a child. (Surah 19:7-12[54]). He is described as “pure”, “devout”, “dutiful towards his parents” and as “not arrogant or rebellious” (Surah 19:7-15[55]) and is called “a Prophet of the Righteous” coming “to confirm the Word from Allah”. (Surah 3:39[56])” (Wikipedia).

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