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Which Travel Activities Increase the Risk of COVID-19?

After more than a year of being cooped up indoors, many Americans are looking forward to traveling this summer. But even as states loosen restrictions, circumstances are still far from normal. During any travel in the next few months, it’ll be crucial to keep minimizing your COVID-19 risk, whether you’re vaccinated or not…more: verywellhealth

Islam and the Environment

The Laws of nature can be observed by watching nature to some extent. However, not only does this require many lifetimes to get a complete understanding, but human beings will always differ in their interpretations of what they see. Their…

BBC: Indian Capital Delhi Runs Out of Space to Cremate Its Dead.

Image shows a relative at the site of makeshift funeral pyresCrematoriums in the Indian capital Delhi have been forced to build makeshift funeral pyres, as the city runs out of space to cremate its dead.
Staff are working around the clock, while parks and other empty spaces are also being utilised for cremations. Families have had to wait hours before being allowed to cremate ….MORE: BBC

Irrational Covid Fears

…Fortunately, it is also curable. The vaccines have nearly eliminated death, hospitalization and other serious Covid illness among people who have received shots. The vaccines have also radically reduced the chances that people contract even a mild version of Covid or can pass it on to others.

Yet many vaccinated people continue to obsess over the risks from Covid — because they are so new and salient….NYTIMES

Mohammed Al-Khwarizmi :The Numerals Builder of the West

Story Builder Arabic numerals widespread in the West The algorithm (Al-Khwarizmi: Mohammed bin Musa Al-Khwarizmi)  has authored othernumbers now known as Arabic numerals in the West .. It was not received wide spread among the Arabs .. but spread later in Andalusia and the Maghreb…