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Reading Made Easy (Learn to Read Qur’an) Book (3) Arabic/English

cover front 3rd.This is the best book for learning Arabic writing because it is easy to understand. The Phonics method  is used. This means learning the sound of the letter, not its name – except for the Noraani letters found at the beginning of the Holy Qur’aan. These letters start with the vowel point, Fat’ha, Thammah etc. which are added to the letters .
At the same time, the book teaches structural analysis skills: starting first with the letter, then the word and finally, the sentence.The basic reading rules are taught in a very practical and simple way. All the words used in this book have been taken from the Holy Qur’aan… PDF. it is  great for  Muslim School, Sunday school..Cover

Front Read Made Easy (Learn to Read Qur’an) Book (3) 

Cover Back Read Made Easy (Learn to Read Qur’an) Book (3) 

Read Made Easy (Learn to Read Qur’an) Book (3)


Arabic and Education (Level 3)

Level 3 Arabic Student will be able to read Quran and will learn : The lam Qmaryaah and Shamsyah Rules of the reading the name of Allaah The Hamzahtul Wasl The Taa Mrabootah Avoiding the two sakeen The waqf at…