March 26, 2023

Ramadan Activities

Ramadan 2011 Activity in Masjid

Ramadan Activity in Masjid: “-1: Tarawweh prayer, 2: Daily Qura’aan after Fajr3: Daily Jama’aha prayer, 4: Daily Iftar, Looking for Lilatul Qadr – 5: Interfaith Iftar, 6: Visi: for more.

Here are a few suggestions that we can do in Ramadan: 1: visit the Masjid as often as possible ,2: break fast with fellow Muslims,3: invite our non-Muslim friends and neighbors, 4: feeding the homeless,5: donate our money to worthy causes,6: encourage our children to offer taraweeh (and have respect to others -and specially- neighbors)),7: complete reading the Quran with meaning once,8: restore relations with everyone regardless of the mistakes ((specially relatives)),9: spend some time in seclusion for zhikr,10: salaat and reflection, 11: control our anger and do not hurt anyone ,12: spend more time with our families, 13: don’t miss our Fajr prayer, 14: donate at least one book on Islam to a local library,15: offer Zakat ul Fitr ahead of Eid prayers to help the poor and needy, 16: make a lot of Du;aa and put in your mind this could be the lost Ramadan for you in this world. O Allaah help us to please you and accept our Taa’aat.

Ramadan 2010 Activity in Masjid

After Fajr Qur’an: 3 Halaqat: Hifz, Recitation and reading for beginners

· Ishaa prayer is at: ( see Daily Iqamah Timings) followed by Taraweeh.

· Daily Prayers see:

· Daily Iftaar, In Masjid for small group to sponsor an Iftaar: write your name on the bulletin board

· Community Iftar: every Saturday

· Every Jumu’ah whole Night: Young Muslim Spiritual and social activities

· Lilatul Qadr: highly possible on Sunday night

Interfaith Iftar, more at:
· Your neighbor Iftar:

· Eid Dinner: First Sunday, after Maghrib

· Eid prayer: 1st is at 7:30 a.m. and the 2nd is at: 9:00 a.m

· Children party: to be announced

· Reservation for other days, email : or , OR call Masjid: 413-788-7546

· Every day quiz and competitions

· Special talk before Ishaa prayer: After community dinner. (Saturday and Sunday if there is a community dinner)

May Allah Have Mercy on Brothers Omar Melhem as they used to serve this community….

Reservation for other days: Br Omar Yacteen at:….. ( died رحمه الله  may Allah have Mercy on him) , OR Br Melhem Borhot at….. ( died رحمه الله  may Allah have Mercy on him)