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Ramadan Imam’s Message

Ramadan Mubaraak My Dear Community, As-Salaam ‘AlaikumwaRahmatullah, Here is the special gift of Allah coming back. Here is the Month of Ramadan carrying to us, the blessings of Allaahsubhanah, inviting to reform and rebuild our heart, mind and body with…

Events in 2014 set up progress in 2015

SPRINGFIELD – The city saw a series of economic development triumphs in 2014 ranging from the start of the Union Station renovation to the voter’s approval of casino gaming.

Department of Transportation Secretary and CEO Richard Davey called the announcement of a Chinese company approved on Oct. 22 to supply the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) with rail cars from a plant it will build in Springfield “a double bank shot.” MORE: .thereminder

NEW! Islamophobia in the 2014 Election

election2CAIR’s 2014 Election Report is an overview of Islamophobic rhetoric employed on the campaign trail during the 2014 midterm elections. The most significant anti-Islam action of the 2014 mid-term election, Alabama’s Amendment 1, was approved by voters. Alabama is the eighth state to approve a law intended to vilify Islam. A Harris poll conducted prior to the election found that “just over half” of Americans would not vote for a Muslim candidate.

More: NEW! Islamophobia in the 2014 Election