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Denmark Enacts Ban on Kosher and Halal Animal Slaughter: “Animal rights come before religion” 

Denmark enacted a sweeping banon the religious slaughter of animals Monday, prompting a furious backlash from Jewish and Muslim community representatives.

The ban, which requires slaughterhouse workers to stun animals before killing them, will now extend to religious communities that were previously afforded an exemption. “Animal rights come before religion,” Danish minister for agriculture and food Dan Jørgensen told Denmark’s TV2…more:  TIME.COM

Bachmann: ‘We Must Ban Falafel’ in School Lunches

Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann courted controversy today by claiming that falafel and other “jihadi foods” should be banned from school lunches in the United States. In an interview with local television station KSTP in Minneapolis, Bachmann explained that after visiting…

Court Deems Oklahoma Sharia Law Ban “Unconstitutional”

A federal appeals court found that an Oklahoma amendment banning Sharia law is unconstitutional, and upheld an injunction on the law. You can read the court’s full decision here (via Doug Mataconis). CBS reports that the anti-Sharia amendment can now be challenged by Muneer Awad, director…