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The New York Times™: Behind 2016’s Turmoil, a Crisis of White Identity

Image result for Behind 2016’s Turmoil, a Crisis of White Identity“It’s fundamentally about ‘who are we?’” said Eric Kaufmann, a professor of politics at Birkbeck College, University of London. “What does it mean to be part of this nation? Is it not ‘our’ nation anymore, ‘our’ meaning the ethnic majority?
“These kinds of questions are really front and center, even though they’re not necessarily verbalized.” more: nytimes

To Stop Injustice She Gave up her Right to Anonymity to Encourage Others to Share Their Stories

A church minister was jailed yesterday after abusing his status as a pillar of the community to hide the fact that he had raped his daughter.

Mark Anderson, 54, who worked at an Apostolic Pentecostal church in Hackney, north London, twice raped Rebekah Anderson in their own home when she was aged nine and 12.

When she was 14, he sexually assaulted her and attacked her causing her actual bodily harm because she tried to tell her mother what had happened.

Rebekah Anderson gave up her right to anonymity to encourage others to share their stories
He was jailed for 19 years after being convicted …more: thetimes.co.uk

The Wisdom Behind Prophet’s Marrige

  Allah’s wisdom is great, and part of His wisdom is that He has permitted men, in previous divine laws and in the sharee‘ah of our Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him), to marry more than…

Migrant found crammed behind car engine in attempt to enter EU

Agents of Spain's Guardia Civil found a man in the An African migrant has been caught trying to smuggle himself into Spain while crammed into a tiny space behind a car’s engine, in the latest desperate ploy to enter the EU.

The asylum seeker, reportedly from the West African nation of Guinea, was found hidden beneath the bonnet of the car as it crossed from Morocco into the Spanish enclave of Ceuta – one of two North African territories owned by Madrid…

more:  /www.telegraph.co.uk

What is Behind Myanmar’s Ethnic Unrest?

As sectarian tensions run high in the country’s west, we ask how it will impact the government’s fragile reform plan.   Myanmar is on a very uneven and fragile road towards democracy but around 25 people have been killed and…

Analysis: What lies behind the Syrian massacres?

Analysis: What lies behind the Syrian massacres? The slaughter in Treimsa follows a familiar pattern, suggesting that a deliberate policy of ethnic cleansing may now be under way in Syria. Government forces are accused of initiating the attacks, using artillery,…