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China Says Pope’s Remarks About ‘Persecuted’ Uighurs are Groundless!

It was the first time the pontiff had called the Muslim minority a persecuted people, something human rights activists have been urging him to do. he Chinese foreign ministry on Tuesday dismissed Pope Francis’s criticism of China’s treatment of Muslim Uighurs as groundless. In a new book “Let Us Dream: The Path to A Better Future,” …MORE:nbcnews

China Uses Pandemic For More Persecution of the Uighurs

A high-security facility on the outskirts of the city of Hotan. It is near what human rights activists and others believe is an internment camp holding Uighurs and other members of mostly Muslim ethnic groups in China.…“Uighurs have no choice but to tolerate discrimination, and they will be severely punished if they express their anger,” said Dilxat Raxit, a spokesman for the World Uyghur Congress, a group in Munich that supports self-determination for Xinjiang. “During the epidemic, China has strengthened its prevention and control tactics against Uighurs, fearing that dissatisfaction might lead to confrontation.”..more NYT

Stop the Brainwashing Horror

It’s too horrific to believe this is happening in 2020. 1 million Uyghurs have been brutally detained and brainwashed by the Chinese authorities — children taken away from their parents, women raped, tortured and even sterilized. Sadly, most of our governments aren’t brave enough to speak up. But we won’t be silent! In days, the UN is meeting, and insiders say that a global call to bravery can get key countries to finally challenge China…more: AVAAZ

Leaked records expose China’s Xinjiang camps

east turkistanNewly leaked Chinese records have revealed for the first time the system by which hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs have been monitored and detained in heavily fortified internment centers across Xinjiang. According to the leak, Chinese citizens can be sent to the camps for reasons such as growing beards, owning passports, or having too many children and their release may depend on how well their family behaves. CNN’s Ivan Watson reports.