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Booklet : 1000 Sunnah per Day & Night

  • How can you gain the Love of Allah the Almighty?1000sunnah-print-eg
     By Following the steps of  the The Prophet of Mercy (Mohammad  Salla Allahu Alaiyhi  wa Sallam)
  • The Sunnah in “Waking up”
  •  The Sunna in Performing “Ablution”
  • The Sunnah in “Using Sewak “
  • The Sunnah in “Wearing Shoes”
  • The Sunnah in “Wearing Clothes”
  • The Sunnah of Athan
  • The Sunna of Praying at Night  and more…. download it   
    more about the The Prophet of Mercy 

The Fast on the Day of ‘Arafah

The Prophet Muhammad  has urged people to fast this day. Abu Qataadah narrated that the Prophet Muhammad  was asked about observing the fast on the day of ‘Arafah, he replied: “’Arafah’s fasting removes the sins of two years: the last and thecoming year.”[Narrated by…

‘One minute felt like one year’: A day in the life of inmates in the Xinjiang internment camps

The alarm rings at 5am every morning in Yerzhan’s overcrowded concrete cell. He dresses in a thin blue uniform before armed guards escort him to a bathroom, where he has minutes to wash under supervision.

Kairat Samarkan, 30, an ethnic Kazakh, who was detained for almost four months in an internment camp in Xinjiang Province, China, demonstrates a stress position used to discipline him while at the camp CREDIT: SAM TARLING/SAM TARLINGAt 7am there is breakfast: tea and a single steamed bun for each of the cell’s 18 inmates. For the rest of the day, Yerzhan is forced to sit straight on a stool, learn Mandarin, sing patriotic songs and memorise ruling Communist Party ideology.  In order to receive a small portion of rice at noon and 6pm he, like all the others, must praise the Chinese president and shout “Long live Xi Jinping!”.  Those who refuse are electrocuted with a cattle prod that causes their limbs to spasm uncontrollably. …READ THE FULL ARTICLE ON THE TELEGRAPH

Health Benefits of Hugging – 10 Reasons Why We Need at Least 8 Hugs a Day

The article below is the result of decades of scientific research published by the French and Italian scientists 30 years ago. The wisdom of the 8,000 years of matriarchal rule in Persian Empire, overthrown 3,500 years ago, and other parts of Asia were proven right, that children raised with love, hugs and affection will grow up to become loving, caring, affectionate, smart, healthy, ..more: venusproject.org 

{[Allah] will say, “How long did you remain on earth in number of years?”

They will say, “We remained a day or part of a day; ask those who enumerate.”

He will say, “You stayed not but a little — if only you had known.’} [Quran 23..more: Islamweb

The Very Hot Day

On the Day of Judgement, everyone will be gathered, but without clothes. We will also be gathered barefooted. When she heard this fact, Aisha, the wife of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ *was shocked.  She asked, “O Messenger of Allah*, both the men…

Thanks, but a ‘Love a Muslim Day’ isn’t enough to counter Islamophobia

A Muslim woman wearing a hijab talks on her mobile phone.Muslim women were picked out and slotted in a special category – as we’re used to – with points being offered to those who pulled off hijabs from women’s heads.

There may not have been a major incident, but “Punish a Muslim Day” did what it was designed to do – strike fear in the hearts of individual Muslims and those already being impacted by hate crime and racism.more:  theguardian