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Health And Wellness: Laziness, Lack Of Sleep Could Lead To Early Death, Says Study

Resting at DeskIt took 231,048 Australians aged 45 and up and monitored them from 2006 to 2009, with follow up tracking up until 2014. Twenty-four percent admitted to having two of the bad habits and just over 8 percent admitted to having three. Among the participants, 15,635 died.

The research also stated that “physical inactivity is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some cancers.”…more: hngn.

The long view: Descendants of ND’s early Muslim Immigrants

North Dakota’s early wave of Arab immigrants came from what is now Lebanon, said William Sherman, a retired priest and sociologist who’s researched the topic.

When these settlers emigrated in the early 1900s, Lebanon was not yet an independent country. It was part of Syria, which was controlled by the Turkish Empire. Consequently, U.S. immigration records listed the settlers as Syrian, said Sherman, who co-authored a book about the group titled “Prairie Peddlers: The Syrian-Lebanese in North Dakota…MORE: INFORUM.COM|BY ARCHIE INGERSOLL

Centering Black Narrative in Early Islamic History | LaunchGood

Inspiring! “Centering Black Narrative in Early Islamic History,” a new book project initiated by Dawud Walid (co-founder of Muslims for Ferguson) and Ahmad Mubarak. As we contemplate how to address anti-Black racism within Muslim communities, this can help unravel harmful stereotypes by expanding our appreciation of Black Muslims. The co-authors describe the book as useful for children and adults. Please donate/share! ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ ‪#‎BlackMuslimHistoryMatters‬

Black Muslim Nobles Among the Early Pious Muslims

The Muslims of Early America

Islam is part of our common history — a resilient faith not just of the enslaved, but of Arab immigrants in the late 19th century, and in the 20th century of many African-Americans reclaiming and remaking it as their own. For generations, its adherents have straddled a nation that jolts from promises of religious freedom to events that give the lie to those promises. MORE: nytimes.

Does drinking milk really make you die early?

A Swedish study suggests that people who drink three glasses of milk a day are more likely to die early than the rest of us. But is it true?

Or that’s the top line. Of course, there’s a bit more to it than that.

The Swedish study asked 100,000 people about their dietary habits – a very decent sample size for a study like this – and found that women who drink three or more glasses of milk a day (680ml) were twice as likely to die in the period studied than were women who drank a more normal amount. That’s a very significant finding, and a dramatic change in mortality rates, but it should be treated with a little care. MORE  telegraph.co.uk