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Exclusive: Facebook Silences Rohingya Reports of Ethnic Cleansing

A Facebook representative told The Daily Beast the company would look into the situation. “We want Facebook to be a place where people can share responsibly, and we work hard to strike the right balance between enabling expression while providing a safe and respectful experience,” said Facebook spokesperson Ruchika Budhraja in a statement…more:THEDAILYBEAST.COM

Lebanese Cuisine Ranked Among The 6 Healthiest Ethnic Cuisines!

It is no secret that Lebanese cuisine is one of the best cuisines, if not THE best in the world!
Last year, Travel & Leisure ranked Beirut first place under the Best International Cities for Food in 2016. As for this year, QSR magazine placed Lebanese food among the six healthiest ethnic cuisines. The cuisines listed below use ingredients that have lots of health benefits.
Apart from being delicious, Lebanese food is also healthy! QSR magazine placed it among the 6 of the healthiest ethnic cuisines! …MORE: THE961.

What is Behind Myanmar’s Ethnic Unrest?

As sectarian tensions run high in the country’s west, we ask how it will impact the government’s fragile reform plan.   Myanmar is on a very uneven and fragile road towards democracy but around 25 people have been killed and…