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A Former Senegalese Minister Gives France a Medal of Honor

A former Senegalese minister announced his abandonment of the “French Legion of Honor, and placing it at the disposal of the French Embassy in Dakar, for the sake of the honor of the Prophet Muhammad,” in response to France’s abuse of Islam. Former Culture Minister Amadou Tejan Won, in a letter to French President Emmanuel Macron, said that he “is not honored to share the same medal with Samuel Patti (the teacher who published insulting pictures of the Prophet), for deep and sacred reasons,” accusing ..MORE: eg24

France, Germany on lockdown as Covid-stricken Europe braces for tough winter

Surging coronavirus cases across Europe are triggering new national lockdowns as the continent again shows clear signs of becoming Covid-19’s global epicenter.
After appearing to deal with the virus better than the United States for most of the summer, the European Union and its neighbors are now seeing more new cases per capita than the U.S. average. Daily recorded deaths per capita have caught up with the U.S. too, according to the European CDC…more: nbcnews

France Man (No Religion is Mentioned) Admitted to Shooting the Famous Rooster Maurice

Justice sought for Marcel, French rooster shot for crowingA French rooster named Marcel has amassed over 74,000 signatures on a petition protesting against his early demise by the gun of a neighbor fed up with his crowing.
The petition demanding “Justice for Marcel” was created by Sebastien Verney, the cockerel’s owner and resident of Vinzieux, a village of 450 people in southern France left rattled by the killing in May this year…MORE:thejakartapost