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Islam, Cartoons of the Prophet, and Murder

Brutal murder again by young Muslim fanatics in several European cities. Are these further cases of a “clash of civilisations?” Of western freedom of speech versus reactionary religious views? Or not? The spectacle of bloody “executions” over caricatures of the…

Free speech & the law: Public Order

InsultsMany of the public order crimes discussed in this guide are contained in the Public Order Act 1986, which sets out the offences of riot, affray, violent disorder, and the different types of criminal harassment, alarm or distress. However, there are also more specific offences, such as “indecent or racist chanting”…more: indexoncensorship.  You may read: However, if you look at the arrests made under section 5, you will have to admit that it’s making us look a little sensitive. A student was arrested for telling a policeman his horse was gay…more:theguardian

Prevent is stopping free speech on campus and demonising Muslims

…Since its inception, students and staff have warned about the potential for Prevent to have an impact on free speech on campus, in particular that of Muslim students and staff. The latest statistics regarding university events and speakers affected by the Prevent duty not only demonstrate that it must be scrapped, but that politicians and the media must listen to and amplify the voices of students rather than dismiss them as “snowflakes” when they speak…..more” the guardian

Free Speech vs. Hate Speech – NYTimes.com

There is no question that images ridiculing religion, however offensive they may be to believers, qualify as protected free speech in the United States and most Western democracies. There is also no question that however offensive the images, they do not justify murder, and that it is incumbent on leaders of all religious faiths to make this clear to their followers.

But it is equally clear that the Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest in Garland, Tex., was not really about free speech. It was an exercise in bigotry and hatred posing as a blow for freedom…more: nytimes.com

Muslim Puts ‘Free Speech’ to the Test; Jokes About Holocaust, 9/11

Muslim Puts Free Speech to the Test; Jokes About Holocaust, 9/11 150115muslim

A Muslim in Canada decided to put ‘free speech’ to the test in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo shootings by joking about 9/11 and the Holocaust on Twitter. He is now the subject of a police investigation.

Hot dog seller Jerry Reddick took to the social media network yesterday to experiment with how far he could take freedom of expression, writing, “Let’s test just how free freedom of speech is when it’s not Muslims being disrespected.”

What followed was a series of tweets which were undoubtedly offensive but for many wouldn’t be construed as any more odious than material published by Charlie Hebdo.  more  at http://www.prisonplanet.com