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Pharmacist response to headscarf complaint goes viral


a woman with a Muslim head scarf and this made her feel harrassed.  Owner of the pharmacy, Jens Beuth wrote a letter back to her and it went viral.

The letter of complaint from the customer said she could not accept the non-verbal meaning portrayed through the actions of the employee (wearing a head scarf).  The customer felt it implied to her that she presented herself as a sexual object (by not covering her hair), and that her husband was reduced to the notion of a man who would get aroused at the sight of a woman’s uncovered hair.  She said this was not the way to integration….more:  .general-anzeiger-bonn

Headscarf Crackdown Inspires Poetic Fightback

media-portrait has-caption full-width lead”>One of the pictures that's been circulating along with pro-headscarf poems online “Don’t let others poke their nose into my business,” one of the poems reads.

“Don’t let those who have no headscarf to speak about mine.” Campaigners against a crackdown on the Muslim headscarf or hijab have taken to verse to protest in Uzbekistan – and several of the poems have hundreds of likes and shares on Facebook…more:  bbc

My Take: My hijab is my hoodie

My Take: My hijab is my hoodie Editor’s note: Linda Sarsour is national advocacy director of the National Network for Arab American Communities and director of the Arab American Association of New York. Follow her on Twitter. By Linda Sarsour,…