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Khan Shaykhun: The Latest Holocaust!

170404134853-01-graphic-syria-chemical-attack-super-169An airstrike hit the town center of Khan Sheikhoun, emitting a “poisonous gas,” Anas al-Diab, an activist with the Aleppo Media Center (AMC) says.
Casualties are reported to have died from asphyxiation caused by exposure to an unknown gas or chemical agent. The injured are initially treated at a makeshift clinic near the scene and Al-Rahma hospital, among others.  MORE: www.cnn.com –   www.npr.org


Analysis: What lies behind the Syrian massacres?

Analysis: What lies behind the Syrian massacres? The slaughter in Treimsa follows a familiar pattern, suggesting that a deliberate policy of ethnic cleansing may now be under way in Syria. Government forces are accused of initiating the attacks, using artillery,…