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We are not Here to Judge Life According to What we Expected From it and What it has Delivered, We Must Find the Courage to Ask What life Expects of us?

Search ResultsWe are not open to the various sources of meaning, which according to Frankl, are:

1. Creating a work or doing a deed;
2. Experiencing something or encountering someone (love);
3. The attitude we take to unavoidable suffering.

The first is a classic source, defined as ‘life purpose’ in the self-help literature. Our culture expects happiness, yet Frankl says that it is not something we should seek directly. He defines happiness as a by-product of forgetting ourselves in a task which draws on all our imagination and talents. The second is important as it makes experience (inner and outer) a legitimate alternative to achievement in a society built around achieving. The third gives suffering a meaning, but whatmeaning? Frankl admits we may never know, or at least not until later in life. Yet just because we do not comprehend meaning, it does not mean there is none….MORE: Man’s Search for Meaning  ( [PDF]Man’s Search for Meaning)