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Where Covid-19 and African Swine Fever meet

Image result for Where Covid-19 and African Swine Fever meetThe big unknown’, that is a label that fits perfectly on the current Covid-19 virus, according to Pig Progress editor Vincent ter Beek. There are some striking similarities between the Covid-19 outbreak and African Swine Fever, he says.Who would have thought – a different virus has taken over the headlines. No longer it is African Swine Fever dominating the columns online and in the papers, but Coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) is. A virus that does not affect swine yet indirectly affects the swine business…more: pigprogress

What to Say When You Meet the Angel of Death at a Party

EVERY 90 days I lie in a whirling CT machine, dye coursing through my veins, and the doctors look to see whether the tumors in my liver are growing. If they are not, the doctors smile and schedule another scan. The rhythm has been the same since my doctors told me I had stage IV colon cancer two and a half years ago. I live for three months, take a deep breath and hope to start over again. I will probably do this for the rest of my life. Whatever that means…more: nytimes

Meet the Muslim Memoirist Who Works With Zionists to Try and Forge Islamic-Jewish Ties

“I first discovered Haroon Moghul when I noticed him following me on Twitter. Normally, this wouldn’t have attracted my attention, except that I was pretty sure that he disagreed with most of what I was writing…” more: tabletmag.com

mog harunHaroon Moghul said in his face book page: “I’ve been called a sell-out, a House Muslim, a traitor to the ummah, all because of my work with MLI, a program that takes North American Muslim leaders to Jerusalem to study Judaism, Zionism and Israel with leading Jewish scholars, American and Israeli. Not in order that we agree, but so that we might learn, appreciate, and engage more sincerely…more:facebookhs

Prince George wears his pyjamas to meet President Obama at Kensington Palace

The young prince was allowed to stay up past his bedtime to meet the President and the First Lady of the United States as they joined the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry for a private dinner.

Dressed in a white dressing gown, navy slippers and blue gingham pyjamas, the two-year-old shook the President’s hand as his parents watched on with delight. ..more: standard.co.uk/


Meet the Muslim Woman Awarded US Professor of the Year

 I never knew chemistry could be a source of happiness, excitement and create positively critical citizens until I heard it from Collin College Professor Dr. Amina El-Ashmawy.
Her unique relationship with Chemistry not only makes her a passionate mentor, but also earned her the title 2015 U.S. Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE).…more:

Meet the man who provides halal meat to muslims in America’s south

 The halal technique (Animal Treatment) is “the most humane way”, says the farmer-philosopher of Alabama.

 …they raise chickens and Thanksgiving turkeys along with the sheep. The fruit is picked by visitors or pre-sold to buyers in a harvest-sharing scheme, an approach known as “community-supported agriculture”. That helps to spread hard-pressed farmers’ risks and guarantee their income, and is catching on in the South. (The bees are gone: Mr Randle’s wife became allergic to their stings, and he was forced to choose between them.) His 230-odd acres are ample: “If you can’t walk over it in a day, you don’t need it.” He rarely leaves, but, as compensation, “the world comes to me”…MORE:.ECONOMIST.COM