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Microwaves Emit as Much Carbon Dioxide as Nearly Seven Million Cars!

This is despite the fact that microwaves spend more than 90 percent of their lifetime being idle. (Photo: Pixabay)Researchers from the University of Manchester England claimed to have carried out the first ever comprehensive study of the environmental impacts of microwaves, considering their whole life cycle, from ‘cradle to grave’.
The findings indicated that microwaves emit 7.7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year in the EU, which is equivalent to the annual emissions of 6.8 million cars….MORE:  deccanchronicle

Rare skeleton shown of human ancestor, 3.6 million years old

A virtually complete Australopithecus fossil is displayed at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017. Researchers in South Africa have unveiled what they call "by far the most complete skeleton of a human ancestor older than 1.5 million years ever found." (AP Photo/Themba Hadebe)“Not only is Africa the storehouse of the ancient fossil heritage for people the world over, it was also the wellspring of everything that makes us human, including our technological prowess, our artistic ability and our supreme intellect,” said Blumenschine.

Adam Habib, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Witswatersrand, hailed the assembly of the full skeleton….MORE: .foxnews.com

The Qur’aan says: ” Indeed the Almighty God have certainly created man in the best of stature”…. more: https://quran.com/95/4

11 Million Years to reach Kepler-452b!

 NASA’s Juno probe — is currently travelling at almost 86,000 miles (138,000) miles) per hour relative to the Earth. At this speed it would take about 33,000 years to reach the nearest star after the Sun, and almost 11 million years to reach Kepler-452b! …MORE:  economictimes /  “And He creates that which you do not know”… MORE: (Surat An-Naĥl)

Anti-Muslim Fascist…

David Yerushalmi is a lawyer and anti-Muslim activist who founded the group Society of Americans for National Existence (aka SANE Works for US) and has served as counsel to the Frank Gaffney-directed Center for Security Policy (CSP).[1] Described as a…