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Geckos resistant to antibiotics, may pose risk to pet owners, study finds

Image result for geckosTokay geckos harbor bacteria that are resistant to a number of antibiotics, making them a health concern for pet owners, according to a study on geckos imported from Indonesia. The research focused on how the geckos respond to antibiotics; the study found that the bacteria from the geckos’ intestines–known as enteric bacteria–were resistant to the antibiotics…MORE: SCIENCE DAILY

Leaders’ Tool

HABI3The Center of Consulting, Training, and Languages at Jinan University, in cooperation with the Indonesian Sahid Group, is proud to invite you to participate in our highly specialized training program entitled: *”Leaders’ Tools in Decision Making and Risk Management”*.

This training program is addressed to executives and business owners, as well as decision makers in private and public sectors institutions.

The venue is in Shahid Plaza hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia, from December 25 to 30, 2018.

For inquiries and participation, please contact us at: +9616447906- +9616447907- +9613034610 WhatsApp only.

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