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Supporters outnumber protesters at mosque

TN: Supporters outnumber protesters at mosque

At one point, a few pick-up trucks bearing Confederate flags and a few cars — many with out-of-county tags — gathered at the entrance to the parking lot. Sheriff’s deputies met the group, and those cars soon dispersed.

“It’s private property,” one deputy said, shrugging. “They’re not supposed to be here.”…MORE: Supporters outnumber protesters at mosque

Time for us to thank the anti-Islam protesters

He had a firearm strapped to his waist. He was wearing a T-shirt with a printed message that profanely denounced Islam. He led a crowd of roughly 250 like-minded anti-Muslim demonstrators, many of them also armed, many of them also wearing T-shirts that profanely denounced Islam, as part of a nasty, name-calling rally at the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix…more: AZCENTRAL.COM

Burma Buddhist Monks Reject OIC Office

Protesters accused the 57-nation Islamic organization of supporting Rohingya Muslim rights, whom they consider as foreigners. MANDALAY, Burma – In the second anti-Muslim protest, Burma Buddhist monks demonstrated on Friday, October 12, against plans to open an office for the…

Egyptians Send Wisconsin Protesters to Pizza

Egyptians Send Wisconsin Protesters to Pizza By Maria Vultaggio on February 22nd, 2011 Protests are stretching across the waters. Egyptian sympathizers are buying Wisconsin protesters pizza, according to Politico. In fact, the pizzeria, Ian’s on State Street in Madison, has…

Tear gas Used on Iran Protesters

Tear gas used on Iran protesters Clashes between pro-reformists and security forces in Tehran leave several people injured, amid reports of one death. Tear gas was used to scatter protesters at various points during Monday’s banned protests in Tehran [AFP]…

Is Algeria the Third?

Algeria’s police crack down on protesters Algeria rocked by clashes as activists take on riot police by Lesley Yarranton, Sunday Mirror 13/02/2011 More than 400 protesters were arrested as riot police fired plastic bullets at pro-democracy ­activists in Algeria yesterday.…