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CNN Reporter, Elise Labott, Suspended After Posting ‘Inappropriate’ Tweet About Syrian Refugees

A CNN journalist has been suspended from the network after she criticised the House of Photo published for House passes bill that could limit Syrian refugees over Obama veto threat - CNNPolitics.comRepresentatives for passing a bill limiting the number of Syrian and Iraqi refugees entering the US.

Covering the news that the House had voted to bar refugees from the two war-torn countries as the US tightens its border security, Elise Labott, tweeted : “Statue of Liberty bows head in anguish.”…more:   huffingtonpost.

Remembering the Greek refugees in Aleppo by helping the Syrian refugees in Athens

One commenter, possibly from Syria, reminded them, howA close-up of the photo (Library of Congress)ever, that there was time when Greeks sought refugee in Syria by posting a photograph from the Library of Congress photo archive. The undated photo, entitled “Greek refugees at Aleppo”, shows a group of raggedly dressed people, young boys to the fore, lined up, waiting to be fed. In the foreground, a woman, with a can of some sorts at her feet, stands next to a cart on which something is being cooked. ..more:/damomac.wordpress.com



Saving the lives of Syria’s refugees

By Stacy Martin Syrian refugee children stand in a hall of the Altinozu camp in Hatay city in Turkey, locate f you need a measure of how desperate Syria’s refugees are, contemplate this: Many are fleeing to Iraq. It’s astonishing that…