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American attorney calls Islam a ‘country’ … ignites a series of jokes

American attorney Noel FranciscoWhen it comes to misconceptions surrounding Islam and its followers, the list is quite long. While some of these misconceptions are rather dangerous, fueling hate crimesand asserting degrading stereotypes, others are plain ridiculous.  Here’s the catch: even educated and high-ranking officials in the West have fallen for such false information, and American attorney, Noel Francisco, is a case in point….more:  stepfeed.com

Muslim athletes speak about Islam in annual LAMP Speaker Series

“I was at the peak of my dream, I was right there, about to grab onto it, and I was told I couldn’t play,” Abdul-Qaadir said. “I started to question wearing hijab, I started to question who I was. I felt like once basketball was taken away, I lost my identity. For years, I was a Muslim basketball hooper. When basketball got taken away, I was just a Muslim.”

Abdul-Qaadir, who played basketball from the time she was 4 years old, was stopped from playing basketball internationally because of regulations preventing the use of headwear by the International Basketball Federation…more:  thedaonline.com


Seerah Series announcement

The first session will be on Sunday December 27th, 2015imamwspfl– From 4:30 – 7:30 PM  (Maghrib – Isha)- at the Islamic Society of Western. Massachusetts (Insha Allah baby sitting will be arranged)

Program:  4:30 – Maghrib- 4:55 – Introduction – Dr. Ali Hazratji- 5:00 – Why The Prophet? – Khalid Elzamzamy – 5:20 – Mercy to the Universe – Mohammad Rashwan- 5:40 – Fath-u-Makkah – Imam Wissam Abdul-Baki- 6:00 – Bidding Farewell to his Ummah – Dr. Ali Hazratji – 6:25 – A special treat-  6:30 – Q & A- 6:45  Dinner – Hosted by Hazratji Family – 7:30 – Isha

Rx Drug Abuse Educational Video

 Definition of  Rx: A medical prescription. The symbol “Rx” is usually said to stand for the Latin word “recipe” meaning “to take.” It is customarily part of the superscription (heading) of a prescription. Another explanation for the origin of Rx is that…