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How to make Ramadan fun while setting achievable goals!

  • GOALS -A template of goals set to accomplish Ramadan (adjustments can be made as you please although it is encourage to set CHALLENGING yet ACHIEVABLE goals) How to Get Your Kids to Look Forward to and Love Ramadan | ProductiveMuslim
  • 2- CHECKLIST – A practical daily Ramadan checklist of accomplishments
  • CHECKLIST GUIDE – A guide on how to implement the checklist and also explains how many points you get for fulfilling each goal and the reward you can earn after successfully completing these goals at the end of Ramadan.

The reward can be determined based on your family needs, capabilities, etc.

Make Ramadan fun while racking up the rewards through these virtuous acts. Please share this with friends and families.

May Allah accept our deeds in this beautiful month that is upon us. more: productive