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Comments Over Killing of 3 Muslims

– in Ferguson charged a guy they beat for bleeding on their uniforms….

– I hope they don’t start the “he killed them because they were Muslims” without aCraig Stephen Hicks Arrested After Chapel Hill Shooting Kills 33333ny proof. We don’t want a repeat of “he killed him because he was black”….

– Only the faith of the victims is mentioned while killer’s faith is unknown, don’t tell me is a  “media monopoly“! 


-We can thank the narcissists in washington for the great job they think they are doing…

-These poor Students, living their lives, theyre not the enemy and Im sick and tired of the Media making ‘Muslims’ the enemy read more  huffingtonpost.


Bullying on the Rise Against Muslim American Students

Bullying on the Rise Against Muslim American Students

By Shakila Ahmad and Ameena Jandali

Dear Parents, Teachers, School Administrators, and Community Members:
As Muslim parents and social activists working to create a better society and world for our children, we created this Bullying Prevention Guide as a tool for parents, teachers, school administrators, and community members in the hope that it will help prevent the bullying of students in public and private schools, including fulltime and weekend Islamic schools.  more  aljazeerah.info