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Donate Now | SUMMER SUFFERFEST by West Springfield Boys & Girls ClubSUMMER SUFFERFEST IS BACK and this year the reigning champion, Mayor Will Reichelt, and Adam Jaber are inviting YOU to join in on the Summer Sufferfest fun! All you need is a bike and the Strava app (free) The event is virtual so you can ride a bike anywhere, anytime, and any distance. Each week we’ll recognize individuals who have rode the most miles, most elevation, and the single longest ride. Plus, if you log 100 miles in a week you’ll be entered into a raffle that we’ll pull each Monday. The competition begins Thursday, July 1st and it will end with a celebration at the West Springfield Boys & Girls Club on Saturday, July 31st. .… See More…givelively.org

Honor and Work

The Prophet said, “Nobody has ever eaten a better meal than that which one has earned by working with one’s own hands. The Prophet of Allah, David (Daud) used to eat from the earnings of his manual labour.”(Bukhari)