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The Alternative to Regime Change: Talking to Philip Gordon

Why does every short-term “success” in US-imposed Middle East regime change seem to lead to catastrophic long-term failure? Why should we never blame such failures simply on flawed implementation? When I want to ask such questions, I pose them to Philip Gordon. This present conversation focuses on Gordon’s book Losing the Long Game: The False Promise of Regime Change in the Middle East. Gordon is a senior fellow in US foreign policy at the Council on Foreign Relations. He has served …more:lareviewofbooks

Sri Lanka: Thinking Points and Talking Points

Close to 300 Christians celebrating their holiest day, Easter, were murdered by suicide terrorists, and about 500 were injured in Sri Lanka on Sunday.

We stand in solidarity with Sri Lankan Christians and convey our deepest sorrow. May God give comfort to their loved ones and may He bless the injured with a quick and lasting recovery. May Sri Lanka, a lush, green, beautiful country, follow New Zealand’s example by rising above hatred. Ameen…..more: sound vision

Talking with Kids about everything

Girl: I'm mad at Susie. She's mean. Mom: Can you tell me exactly what happened?As parents we spend so much of our time talking to our kids — and then wonder why they don’t seem to hear us. In heated moments, we find ourselves stuck in power struggles, but can’t figure out what to say to stop the fighting. Sometimes we just don’t know how to answer a tough question.moreL PBS


Quietly, while Americans have been focused on the ongoing drama over repealing the Affordable Care Act and the new revelations about the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, President Donald Trump has been busy dramatically expanding the American troop presence inside Syria. And virtually no one in Washington has noticed. Americans have a right to know what Trump is planning and whether this will lead to an Iraq-style occupation of Syria for years to come…MORE:  huffingtonpost