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Erdogan: No True Muslim Can Be A Terrorist

Image– Tensions further escalated after Samuel Paty, a teacher at Bois-d’Aulne College in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, was beheaded on October…, in retaliation for showing controversial cartoons depicting Prophet Muhammad to his students during one of his classes on freedom of expression….more: TRT
– Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday called on Turks to boycott French goods as relations between the NATO allies deteriorated over Paris’s tough stance against radical Islam. Senior EU figures excoriated Erdogan’s remarks…more:france24

“Remove Kebab” is The Terrorist Back Ground Song At the Time Of Twin Terrorist At Christchurch, New Zealand

Is “Remove Kebab” internet meme a reference to the massacre of Bosnian by Serbian?

Yes and no. ‘Kebab’ is a satirical ethno-religious slur used to refer to Muslims in general. Since the meme supposedly originated in Serbia, it used to refer to Turks, Bosniaks and, to a lesser extent, Albanians.The kebab meme is linked to a video filmed by Bosnian Serbs during the Bosnian War called ‘God is a Serb’ and colloquially referred to as ‘Serbia stronk’. The lyrics are devoutly anti-Bosniak and anti-Croat and praise Radovan Karadžić and his ethnic cleansing in Bosnia. The ‘remove kebab’ meme is now a common sight on the  Polandball comics used as a discreet way of condoning the murder or removal of Muslims….more:  quora – steamcommunity 

Heart Attacks Affect the Families of Victims of the New Zealand Terrorist Attack

Yasser Mohammed, a family friend, said Darwish’s mother arrived from Jordan on Friday (March 22nd). “She came yesterday to attend the funeral, and she died this morning as a result of her inability to endure the grief and grief caused by the loss of her son.” “They have another son who lives here,” he said. “They are trying to take the body back to Jordan.” Suad Adwan is one of the relatives of the victims of the massacre who suffered heart attacks in the days that followed…more:  translate beirutobserver.com

New Zealand terrorist attack .. Full story

New Zealand terrorist attack .. Full storyAn Australian citizen named Brenton Tarrant, aged 28, was attacked Friday by two worshipers in Christchurch, New Zealand, who opened fire directly at worshipers, killing 49 people and injuring 48 others, including children, some seriously.

The attack was broadcast directly through Facebook Live, which documented the operation from start to finish, recorded by a GoPro camera on his head.

It appears in the recording, which apologizes “Arab 21” for the full publication of his reputation as the porter get out of his car and go to the mosque and a barrage of bullets, before entering the corridors of the mosque and continue to fire on the worshipers in a state of panic…more: ARABI21

Comment on the Finsbury Park ‘terrorist attack against Muslim worshippers outside the mosque in Seven Sisters Road, London:

“And do not think of those killed in Allah’s path as dead: indeed they are alive and receive their sustenance from their Lord. They rejoice in the bounty provided by Allah. (Surah 3, Aal-e Imran verse 169-170)

Washington Post: Yes, the media do underreport some terrorist attacks. Just not the ones most people think of.

In a recent study, we found that the news media do not cover all terrorist attacks the same way. Rather, they give drastically more coverage to attacks by Muslims, particularly foreign-born Muslims — even though those are far less common than other kinds of terrorist attacks.

Here’s how we defined terrorism and measured the coverage. We first looked at all attacks in the United States between 2011 and 2015, as listed in the Global Terrorism Database. The GTD defines terrorism as “the threatened or actual use of illegal force and violence by a non-state actor to attain a political, economic, religious, or social goal through fear, coercion, or intimidation.”…more:  .washingtonpost.com

Nytimes: Mr. Rahami’s Father Told the Authorities Two Years Ago that he Feared his Son was a Terrorist,

The bomb in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood on Saturday night was powerful enough to vault a heavy steel Dumpster more than 120 feet through the air, according to the complaint. Windows shattered 400 feet from where the explosion went off, and pieces of the bomb were recovered 650 feet away. Among the 31 victims — two more than first reported — one had to have multiple ball bearings removed from her body as well as bits of metal from an ear and wood shards from her neck, the complaint says.

The charges came on a day when it was revealed that Mr. Rahami’s father told the authorities two years..more: nytimes

REVEALED: Nice terrorist was wife-beating, booze drinking druggie who NEVER went to mosque

Family described Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel as an “unlikely jihadist” and said he broke every law of Islam in his every day life, including eating pork and drinking alcohol.

The 31-year-old loser was in the middle of being divorced by his wife, who he used to beat, and had just lost his job as a delivery driver when he launched the horrific attack. ..more: .express.co.uk