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Ukraine’s Anti-Russia Azov Battalion: ‘Minutemen’ or Neo-Nazi Terrorists?

…The congressional letter addressed to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and pushed by freshman Rep. Max Rose (D-NY), portrays Azov as part of an ultra-right-wing “global terrorist network” analogous to al Qaeda or the so-called Islamic State, but one bent on attacking Muslims, Jews, and people of color. The letter notes that the man who carried out the mosque massacres in New Zealand last March, killing at least 50 worshippers, claimed he trained with the Azov…more: hedailybeast

New Zealand mosque attacks: Who is Brenton?

New Zealand mosque attacks: Who is Brenton Tarrant?…Professor Greg Barton, chair of global Islamic politics at the Alfred Deakin Institute for Globalisation & Citizenship, characterised Tarrant as having an “unhealthy narcissism” common among “terrorists”.
“I think he was drawn by this dark fantasy of going zero to hero, like an Anders Behring Breivik, like the Quebec City mosque shooting of January 2017,” said Barton.”…more: AlJazeerah:

Majority of terrorists who have attacked America are not Muslim, new study finds

“Nope. Not new news. The FBI has *been* stating this [in its most understated way]. There’s a 2015 bulletin by the FBI acknowledging that the extreme right wing is the biggest threat to the United States of America”Tahirah Amatul Wadud

Most of the designated terrorist groups in the US are right-wing extremists, not Muslim, according to a new report. A joint project by the Investigative Fund at the Nation…MORE: INDEPENDENT.CO.UK

How religious are ‘Islamic terrorists’ like ISIL?

I”‘m often surprised how many Muslims still think terrorists are religious zealots and the problem is with religious “extremism” as if the violence stems from an overly enthusiastic reading of the Quran. While their overlords may use religion to make propaganda videos, terrorists are rarely motivated by religion at all. See this short video for more on this” Dalia Mogahed…..more: aljazeera.com

What My Dad’s Kidnapping by Muslim Terrorists Taught Me About Islamophobia


“All of a sudden, this guy came and started shouting at us, ‘Are you Muslim? Are you Muslim?'”— Rabie Ayoub

I don’t think it does, and believe it’s important to provide some historical context for this kind of violence. Indeed, it’s increasingly crucial that we find answers to these questions, not only so we can try to politically address the problem of “radical Islam” in a way that makes sense, but because American Muslims are paying a very tangible price….more: .vice.com

Who will weep for Those?

Tragic: The faces of the Muslims killed by Islamic extremist ISIS terrorists in Paris

Tragic: The faces of the Muslims killed by ISIS terrorists in Paris. These are the faces of the Muslim victims of the Paris massacre that left at least 129 dead. Islamic extremists staged a number of horrific attacks killing at least six Muslims. Among them was Hodda Saadi, 35, who was celebrating her 35th birthday at La Belle Equipe cafe where she worked….more:  mirror.co.uk/