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After a Tragic Event

“Mama, do people hate us?”, “Why did this happen?”, “Were they bad people”  These heartbreaking questions are overwhelming for so many of us. Many of you are wondering what to do and how to make healthy decisions for your family in these difficult times. Maybe your family is directly affected or perhaps the constant media exposure is grating on your emotions and heightening your anxiety. Either way, The Family and Youth Institute is here for you. Take a deep breath and read on for tips and pointers that we hope will guide and help you and your family….more: thefyi.

Who will weep for Those?

Tragic: The faces of the Muslims killed by Islamic extremist ISIS terrorists in Paris

Tragic: The faces of the Muslims killed by ISIS terrorists in Paris. These are the faces of the Muslim victims of the Paris massacre that left at least 129 dead. Islamic extremists staged a number of horrific attacks killing at least six Muslims. Among them was Hodda Saadi, 35, who was celebrating her 35th birthday at La Belle Equipe cafe where she worked….more:  mirror.co.uk/