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How the UAE weaponised western fears of Islam to crush dissent

The recent spike in terrorist attacks perpetrated by religious extremists in France and Austria has led to an increased receptiveness of European audiences to the Islamist bogeyman.
Under the banner of defending civil liberties, illiberal liberals have declared a war on “Islamism”– a term that originally referred to non-violent Islamic activism and has now been deliberately conflated into a derogative label of “Islamic fundamentalism” and “terrorism”. ..more:middleeasteye

China Thanks UAE for Backing Beijing’s Xinjiang Policies!

China thanks UAE for backing Beijing's Xinjiang policiesChina on Monday thanked the United Arab Emirates for backing its security crackdown in Xinjiang, state media said, as President Xi Jinping played host to Abu Dhabi’s crown prince.

Beijing has come under growing international scrutiny for placing an estimated one million mostly Muslim ethnic minorities in internment camps in the name of counter-terrorism, but Muslim countries have largely refrained from criticising China…more: FRANCE24 *-  breitbart.

US mercenaries linked to UAE agrees deal with China to run anti-Muslim detention camps

Prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay detention campA controversial US mercenary group with ties to the UAE has signed a deal with China to build a training centre in Xinjiang where up to a million Uighur Muslims are reportedly held in detention camps.

Hong Kong-listed security firm Frontier Services Group (FSG), which is founded by Erik Prince, has signed a preliminary deal with the Chinese authorities. A statement posted on its Chinese website confirmed the deal but was later deleted in what appears to be an attempt to avoid a backlash against Prince’s activities.more: middleeastmonitor.com