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Aleppo is a symbol of American weakness

Image resultIn April of 1937, the war planes of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy chose a market day to bomb a Basque town, one of the first times a civilian population was deliberately targeted. Pablo Picasso, a native of Spain, quickly reacted by depicting the horror in his famous mural named for the town, “Guernica.” It was finished by June. If he were alive today, he might want to paint one called “Aleppo.” It should be mounted outside the White House….more:  washingtonpost

WASHINGTONPOST: Islam “is” a Religion of Love, and the Taj Mahal Proves it

Muhammad, who Muslims believe modeled the love of God for humanity, was called (and is called) ‘the beloved of God’; the funerals of Sufi saints were called ‘weddings,’ because after a lifetime of preparation for meeting God, the moment was at hand.

But, of course, for a theme of religion as love to make sense, people had to be comfortable with love in all its manifestations.

This Muslim emperor will put your Valentine’s Day gift to shame…MORE:WASHINGTONPOST.COM

Washingtonpost: A harvest of anti-Muslim hatred

Bigotry has a long history in the United States, and it may come as only a mild surprise that it showed its snarling face in Fredericksburg last week, just four days after the Nov. 13 slaughter in Paris. But even mild surprise is unwarranted given the toxic rhetoric of presidential candidates and governors, mainly Republicans, who have vilified Muslims since that terrorist attack. …more at:.washingtonpost

washingtonpost: On the centennial of Armenian massacres, Turkey commemorates a WWI battle

“In World War I, which ranks among humanity’s major catastrophes, millions from all nations also perished within the boundaries of the Ottoman Empire,” said Erdogan in his statement. “Today, we are working and striving together with all our citizens and friends, regardless of their ethnic or religious identities, to attain a better future on the basis of peace, harmony and fraternity.” MORE: washingtonpost.com/

Washingtonpost: This is the pattern that has produced terrorism in the Arab world.