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What the Koran really says about women

What the Koran really says about womenWhen the Middle East correspondent, Carla Power, began studying the Koran with a conservative Islamic scholar, she wasn’t expecting to learn that it nowhere advocates the oppression of women – or that Islam has a rich history of forgotten…more:

Nearly 90 percent of world population biased against women, UN study finds

United Nations Secretariat buildingNearly 90 percent of the world’s population – of every gender – holds some prejudice against women, according to a UN study published Thursday, ahead of International Women’s Day. The United Nations Development Programme studied 75 countries representing 80 percent of the world’s population and found that nine in 10 people – including women – hold such beliefs…more: france24

Local charity founder Najah Bazzy honored as a “CNN Hero” for contributions to serving humanity

Image result for najah bazzyThe local Arab American community is home to a large group of charities serving people of all races, religions and ethnicities; and one of the most well known is Zaman International, which purchased a new 40,500 square-foot building in Inkster in 2014 to continue scaling up its operations to serve more people.
The mission of the charity and its founder, Najah Bazzy, has always been to serve the less fortunate, especially marginalized women and children, not to achieve fame or recognition…..MORE: arabamericannews

MORE: CNN honors 10 men and women for making the world a better …more: CNN

The five: medical biases against women

a cpr practitioner examines the airways of a dummyFrom drug trials that only use men to misconceptions about CPR, medicine’s gender inequalities can be matters of life or death. Heart failure
A study last week revealed that women in Australia are less likely than men to receive the recommended medicine for heart failure. In the UK, assumptions that heart failure is a “man’s disease” have also led to unequal care. Over the past 10 years, more than 8,000 British women have died as a result of this gender inequality….more: the guardian

Episode 07: Muslim Women’s Experiences in Germany and the U.S.

Muslims have lived in Germany in significant numbers for decades; in 1961 the Federal Republic concluded an agreement with Turkey that would ultimately bring nearly a million Turkish workers to Germany by 1973.  The relationship of these migrants to broader German society changed—many put down roots, formed families, and have been in Germany for three or four generations.  Today, 4 million Muslims live in Germany….more  .aicgs.org